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We here at Hustle and Grind try to read as much as possible. Whether it’s books, blogs, articles, newsletters or our Chinese take-out fortunes. Inspired by our love of consuming all we can (lessons learned from Chinese take out) we are putting together a weekly amuse bouche (sounds fancy) of what we think are must-read articles to catch you up on all there is in the world of Hustle. Read them all, Spreed them all or just look at the titles and get the gist.


  • Drake’s newest album Views was released on Friday and sold over 600,000 copies on the first day with projections to break 1 million within the week. Here are 4 Lessons you can learn from Drake about how to build and audience that loves you.
  • Anyone in the content game whether it’s political news, gossip, sports sites, wants more views on their site, if you fit into one of those or the hundreds of other categories, check out Going Viral: How I Got 10k Views on Medium in 3 days.
  • “Wake up early” seems like a ubiquitous entry on every list of how to be successful, change your life and bench press 300 pounds. However, if you have to hit the alarm, or flat-out refuse to set one, Prsuit says there’s hope for you yet.
  • However, if you’re really intent on getting up early or motivating yourself without having to hire a coach our personal trainer, just put Dwayne the Rock Johnson into your pocket. Check out the newest alarm app The Rock Clock.  Set a Project. Get up. Get after it. We feel stronger already.
  • If you need an excuse to travel, Elite Daily has 6 Reasons your vacation abroad is the perfect time to test out new business ideas.
  • Redundancy, downsizing, politics, whatever the case – people are fired for 1,000 different reasons. If you’ve never heard the words before, here’s what it’s actually like to be fired.
  • Foundr Magazine has the ultimate Social Media Checklist to make sure your company is handling all levels of social the right way. Yes, there’s a right way.
  • Sometimes it’s just easier to get to the point. Yes, there are lists of 20, 40, 50, 100 things you can do in order to get more work done. Or, you can just get to the point, here’s Rich20Something’s Number 1 Rule to getting more done. 
  • Our own Ross Simmonds has written before about Imposters Syndrome. It’s very real and it can be debilitating. Here’s Inc. on how one entrepreneur beat the bug and created a mini-empire.
  • One of our favourite quotes comes from Bruce Lee: “It is not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the inessential.” In the spirit of that quote, Forbes has some tips on how to simplify and declutter your career.
  • Chris Sacca was one of the first 700 employees at Google but he left before he got “Google rich” to become an entrepreneur and angel investor. Through some strong deals,  Sacca managed to get Google rich on his own by being an early investor in Twitter and Uber to name a few. Not a bad recovery. Check out Sacca’s story in a wide-ranging interview with HBO’s Bill Simmons. 
  • Mindfulness through meditation. It’s what helped Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Phil dominate the NBA for years. Here’s their mindfulness coach on how you can use meditation to perform better at everything because being over 6’6″ is also a key for dominating the NBA and, well, there aren’t many of us with both of those qualities.

If your Tuesday is feeling a lot like a Monday, you may want some Hustle Blend to get you through your reading. Actually, it’s good to drink 7 days of the week if you ask us. Yes. We are biased but also it tastes so damn good.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual affair for various media, politicians and reporters to let loose and laugh at themselves. Think of it for the Oscars of reporting but without any awards. Years ago Seth Meyers lambasted Donald Trump and dispelled his hopes for the White House. Oh wait. Here are 6 marketing tips you can learn from the Donald’s presidential run (seriously) as he may be hosting the dinner next year, and here’s Barack Obama at his last ever. Kevin Hart and Louis CK should watch out:

Have suggestions or an article you’d love to see on the Hustle Links of the Week? Don’t just sit there, let us know! We’re far from perfect, we try to read everything we can but we miss things from time to time and it’s why we need your help. So if there’s something you’ve written, read or saw Tweeted only to open and find the article a tad too long for your morning commute, don’t bookmark it, write to us! We love stuff like that, writers@hustleandgrind.co.

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