101 Reasons Why You Can’t Get to Work & Write

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  1. 1. You’re uninspired.

2. You’re lazy.

3. You’re worthless.

4. The coffee needs to be poured.

5. You’re too busy.

6. You don’t have time.

7. You’ve already done your best work.

8. You need to be more motivated first.

9. You don’t have enough energy.

10. You’re not the type of person to always go-go-go.

11. You’d rather watch Netflix.

12. You can’t stop checking the internet.

13. You can’t stop checking social media.

14. You just have to post this cool pic on Instagram first.

15. Your email inbox is full, you can’t work without emptying it first.

16. Your desk is cluttered, it needs to be cleared first.

17. Your kitchen table needs to be cleaned.

18. Your whole kitchen is filthy.

19. There are papers everywhere, who can work like this? They need to be recycled.

20. Your garbage is full too.

21. And your bathroom is dirty.

22. Your bed still isn’t made.

23. Your closet is a huge mess and it needs to be organized.

24. Now you’re cleaning your whole place.

25. You feel dirty; you need a shower first.

26. Then you notice you need to shave.

27. And clip your nails.

28. Clean your ears.

29. Now you need to meditate and clear your mind.

30. But you need to research new mantras first.

31. And you need to look up successful people to get inspired first.

32. You also need to read more so you bury yourself in a book.

33. After, you realize you need to go for a walk to refresh your mind.

34. And you also need to hit the gym first to get pumped up into the right mindset.

35. You need to fire up your ‘Get Stoked’ playlist before that, though.

36. Now you’re driving aimlessly, stopping for food on the way.

37. Now you’re shopping.

38. Your hair feels long too, so it’s time to finally get a haircut.

39. You’re on your way home now, so you listen to an audiobook to learn more and hope something comes to you that could help your writing.

40. But when you get home, you feel so tired.

41. You don’t have the energy to work, now.

42. You just can’t.

43. Hell, you’re not even any good.

44. Better people than you do it, so that’s why you’re not doing it.

45. Now your phones ringing, but you ignore it.

46. It’s okay not to work, you think, as you browse your favourite blogs.

47. “What are these people doing that I’m not doing,” you say as you browse Medium.

48. Now you’re on Amazon, wondering if you’ll create your book like all these people.

49. You need more coffee first, so you brew another cup.

50. Then you sit down and write out an extended to-do list, covering the rest of your chores for today.

51. You’re still not inspired, so you fire up a podcast to learn new exciting things.

52. Then you think, will I ever get around to starting my own podcast?

53. Will I ever leave my job and put the misery behind me, and start something for myself?

54. Will I create my own blog?

55. My own website?

56. My own business?

57. Will my side hustle ever get off the ground?

58. What would my boss think of me right now, trying to do all of this extra work?

59. What would my friends think of me when I’m not available to hangout?

60. You think back on that great trip you took, but instead are too paralyzed by the places you haven’t gone so you ponder that for a while.

61. You’re still at your desk, but you feel a migraine coming up and you can’t work like this.

62. Now you’re pacing across the kitchen floor, wondering when it’ll finally be your time to shine.

63. Dammit, you think, now is the time. What are you waiting for? So you sit down and stare at your laptop and the empty notebook in front of you waiting for a sign to come.

64. Now you’re wondering why you’re like this, still sitting and doing nothing. Why are you like the way you are?

65. Now you’re stuck because you haven’t moved an inch forward in the last two hours.

66. Then you write a sentence, finally, but quickly delete it after staring for a minute in disbelief. The world doesn’t need to see it.

67. You contemplate free writing, but when has it ever worked for you?

68. Same goes for journaling.

69. 7 Minute Workouts.

70. That new diet you failed to stick with.

71. Your New Years resolutions.

72. That time you said you wouldn’t have a donut for lunch but did anyways.

73. That time you tried to stop drinking or smoking or biting your nails but did it anyways

74. That time you wanted to tell your friends no but ended up saying yes not to disappoint them.

75. That time you failed your reading challenge?

76. (Not to mention that time you stopped going to book club because you didn’t read any of the books).

77. Or that time you dropped out of swimming lessons because it was too hard.

78. Or when you pushed away your personal trainer because the pain was too much.

79. Now you’re cycling through Spotify trying to get amped up and put away your worries, but your head still hurts.

80.You realize you need more caffeine to get excited. An energy drink would suffice. But if you need all this caffeine, are you really excited to do your workat all?

81. Now you remember you need to call your mom.

82. Now you’re reminded you need to cook more.

83. Then you feel like you need a beer to get the words flowing.

84. Now you’re on Facebook, browsing through the feeds of others.

85. Now you’re checking your Facebook messages.

86. Now your texts.

87. Now the rest of your endless apps.

88.Now you’re lost down a Youtube related video hole.

89. You’re still not inspired — then you realize you need more productivity tools to get work done.

90. Now you’re downloading internet blockers.

91. Then you check your bank account balance for the hundredth time.

92. The cycle continues, starting with your social media sites now.

93. Your favourite blogger hasn’t responded to your email yet, maybe you’d better send off a follow-up first.

94. Still not inspired? The answer: more coffee.

95. And after all that you’ve written a page or so, but it’s no good. And it took you 5 hours to get here to this very point.

96. The feelings of worthlessness crawl towards you and the doubt starts to seep in. Your work isn’t perfect enough, yet. It needs more work first.

97. Besides, who are you to tell others how to live their lives? Why should you get to tell your story and not others?

98. After all that worrying, you finally feel relaxed as you settle into the comfort of your blanket.

99. Now you’re huddled under your blankets, watching an awesome show cuddled with your cat nearby.

100. But why did you worry so much, when all you had to do was take the final step?

101. It’s not important, you think. Because after all that you still got some work done. And something is always better than nothing, right?

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