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We here at Hustle and Grind try to read as much as possible. Whether it’s books, blogs, articles, newsletters or our Chinese take-out fortunes. Inspired by our love of consuming all we can (lessons learned from Chinese take out) we are putting together a weekly amuse bouche (sounds fancy) of what we think are must-read articles to catch you up on all there is in the world of Hustle. Read them all, Spreed them all or just look at the titles and get the gist.


  • We all start somewhere but it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. Still, it’s fun to look back at where we started. It helps us see how far we’ve come. Our own Ross Simmonds breaks down the original homepages of some of the world’s most valuable companies.
  • Do you want a way to break your bad habits? How about 9? Hubspot has 9 TED Talks to help you break the bad and build the good.
  • Sujan Patel shows you the innovative ways 10 brands are using Periscope to drive engagement.
  • If you like numbers, Johnson Kee has 52 ways to make life 68% more rewarding.
  • Iron Man and Captain America are soon going to clash in the new Marvel film Captain America: Civil War. Wonder what that would look like in real life? Well, we don’t but check out how Tesla/SpaceX/SunCity’s Elon Musk is the Real Life Iron Man (in all the good ways).
  • Everyone likes a good life hack or short cut every once in a while. Getting from A to B quicker is a helpful way to increase productivity. However, not all short cuts pay off as Entrepreneur lays out the 7 Shortcuts that can kill a startup.
  • If you think a lightning bolt of an idea is going to change your life, well, you may be in for some disappointment. Ryan Holiday has reason to argue that Epiphanies are Bulls*** (Are we allowed to swear on here?)
  • If you want to start your day or week off on the right foot, remember the advice of those who have come before you. Here are 8 leadership Quotes to start your week off right.
  • Even the best investors miss out some of the time and, sometimes, it’s on national TV. Here are 6 Shark Tank rejects that went on to make millions.
  • How does one accidentally make $2 million in one day? Well, you don’t, but James Altucher tells how some get on the path to do so.
  • Christ Guillebeau’s new book Born for This is all about finding the work you were meant to do, one way to make that happen? Unless it’s your dream job you should Resign your job every year.
  • Find yourself constantly distracted? Addicted2Success has 5 ways to hone your concentration and get your best work done.
  • Having trouble building one company? How about building and selling multiple companies? Find out how a 5 time Founder builds and sells companies at record speeds on Foundr’s latest podcast

If you’ve tabbed open every link provided for future reading, you may want some Hustle Blend to keep you alert in the meantime.

The past week was a bi-polar once for music a week ended with Beyonce’s surprise album release began with the death of an icon. Prince was one of the all-time greatest musicians. While his own output was staggering, having released over 40 studio albums. He also wrote a number of hits from other artists including Manic Monday and Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U. Here’s the cast of the smash-hit, Pulitzer-winning musical Hamilton paying tribute to one of the greats:

Have suggestions or an article you’d love to see on the Hustle Links of the Week? Don’t just sit there, let us know! We’re far from perfect, we try to read everything we can but we miss things from time to time and it’s why we need your help. So if there’s something you’ve written, read or saw Tweeted only to open and find the article a tad too long for your morning commute, don’t bookmark it, write to us! We love stuff like that, writers@hustleandgrind.co.


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