17 Ways to Totally Dominate Self Management

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Self Management builds upon self-awareness.

When it comes to appropriately responding to situations and/or others, one needs to understand their emotions.


Simply put, size yourself up quickly before heading in the wrong direction. These 17 strategies can help.

1. Breathe right


2. Create an emotion vs. reason list

Something happens.
What does emotion tell you to do? What does reason tell you to do?
Make an Emotion list. Make a Reason list. Evaluate/Discuss.


3. Make your goals public

Say what you will about the CrossFit community, but their accountability gets put to the test frequently, which carries an obligation to keep working toward a goal (or multiple goals!).

4. Count to ten

5. Sleep on it

Meatload (sleep on it)

Give them an answer in the morning.

6. Talk to a skilled self-manager


7. Smile and laugh more


8. Set aside some time in your day for problem-solving

Put it in your Outlook calendar. No one can stop you!


9. Take control of your self-talk


10. Visualize yourself succeeding


Like my father always said when I was shooting hoops in the driveway, “Picture the ball going in the basket.”

11. Clean up your sleep hygiene


Use your bed only for sleeping; leave ample time between “unplugging” and going to sleep.

What is your sleep “routine?”
Discuss the pre-“lights out” sequences in your homes. Name one thing each of you can try differently to enhance sleep hygiene.

12. Focus your attention on your freedoms, rather than your limitations

13. Stay synchronized

Remain aligned. Keep the goal ever-present.


14. Speak to someone who is NOT emotionally invested in your problem

A spouse, partner, best friend, or family member does the trick. Often times, they’re like your “mirror.”

… Just don’t openly crowdsource on social media.


15. Learn a valuable lesson from everyone you encounter

Everyone has a story. And sometimes, that story has similar parts to yours.

16. Put a mental recharge into your schedule

Similar to #8, take time in your day to separate yourself from a situation.


17. Accept that change is just around the corner

Believe. Stick to your plan, and use it to motivate yourself and your peers to a place where everyone is comfortable and nothing is lingering.


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