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Five Reasons To Wake Up An Hour Earlier

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Real work happens in silence. The reason why so many people are unproductive is because they attempt to do their most difficult tasks in the middle of the day. They try to dive into deep thought while surrounded by coworkers, or after a full day at the office, or at the end of the day… Read more

Five Tips For Building An Entrepreneurial Culture That Lasts

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Like any business, for a startup to succeed, it must first get the culture right. Find the right people to do the right things. Appreciate, respect, and give credit to those responsible for successes. Build a culture that will attract, retain and inspire employees. Work satisfaction among employees is critical to progress. Here are five… Read more

How To Improve your day-to-day efficiency and eliminate your trivial tasks

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There’s something enchanting about the quest for ultimate efficiency. It’s a never-ending pursuit – one riddled with stumbling blocks and minor victories along the way. We are not designed to be perfect, and will inevitably break down in unexpected ways. Even those who can claim they’re the embodiment of health and productivity will never reach that pinnacle. Life will throw… Read more

3 Questions To Honestly Answer Before Jumping into Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is the newest “cool” thing to do. With the rise of internet startups, the popularization and glamorization of owning a business has gone through the roof. But let’s not be mistaken… With a 90% failure rate, starting a business is the toughest career and money making choice available. It’s important you consider whether you’re… Read more

You Are Not Alone With Depression As An Entrepreneur

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It was early in my corporate career. A co-worker I was friends with said to me he’d never date a woman if he found out she had suffered from depression and he certainly would never marry her. Then he mumbled something about the gene pool. I can’t remember how that conversation even started, but I… Read more

Six Ways to Get Over Fear and Live Life to The Fullest

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Fear is our biggest enemy. It’s the one thing that can hold us back from living the life that we’ve always dreamed of and accomplishing the goals that we once saw as dreams. Fear stops us in our tracks when we’re only seconds away from greatness. Fear stops us in mid air when we’re on… Read more

Why Waking Up At 5AM Is A Cheat Code To Life & Success

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Life hacks are provided in abundance in today’s clamorous digital world – a world riddled with audio books, TED talks, and self-proclaimed gurus dishing out information on every subject. It’s an era of constant feedback – and it’s all great. But few life hacks are as life-changing as waking up early. De facto, the moment you… Read more

The Entrepreneur's Guide to a Daily Writing Habit

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You can be an entrepreneur and have a great writing habit. Wait, what? That’s right. You can own a business, be married, have kids, and drink 12 cups of coffee an day and STILL have a great writing habit that can help promote your hustle! But how? Very carefully.  Most entrepreneurs will never know what… Read more