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Six Steps To Living A Better Life (Without The Fluff)

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When I think about the most successful people I know, they all have one thing in common: They strived to live a great life. The big question is: What did they do to make that great life a reality? Did they sit around waiting for a big break? Did they wait for someone to guide them in… Read more

Five Tips Every Sales Professional Should Know To Land A Promotion

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In a world with endless information at our fingertips and more product options that we know what to do with, sales professionals are up against more than just the competition. Today’s buyers aren’t just looking for the best product. They want the best product, the best customer experience, an accessible and personal company, a relationship… Read more

21 Powerful Business Lessons For First Time Entrepreneurs

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I have been fascinated by the Startup Weekend concept the first time I took a part in it, back in 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark. Since then, I have grown significantly on the matter of entrepreneurial mindset, improved my networking and people skills, connected with so many inspiring individuals and their unique stories, failed a lot, discovered… Read more

Do You Feel Like A Fraud? It Might Be Imposter Syndrome

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We live in an age where comparing ourselves to others has never been easier. From Instagram feeds to Facebook profiles, every waking moment of our digital lives we’re subjected to the highlight reels of others. Too many of us are comparing, competing and benchmarking our own success by watching the stories our connections, peers, colleagues… Read more