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How Science Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

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Science is full of astounding facts. For example, when stretched out, the human circulatory system is over 60,000 miles long.  An interesting but ultimately useless fact and how someone calculated this fact and why may be more interesting than the fact itself. Science also gives us space exploration, medical  breakthroughs and Hadron colliders. With all… Read more

6 Ways To Make Your Monday 100% Better

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Mondays ruin a lot of people’s day. Let’s be honest, no one likes them. Here’s how to dominate your Monday and start your week off better than ever. When we think about it, Mondays are the least favorite day of the week. There are songs about Mondays, blogs about Mondays and memes about Mondays. Why?… Read more

5 Things To Do Before You Write Your Own Book

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In the past two years, I have gone from being a coffee shop writer, to having had articles published in TIME, Inc, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and more. I am a Top Writer on Quora with over 9,000,000 article views. And I am a columnist for Inc Magazine. And now I’m about… Read more

SMART Goals: How To Set Them & Crush Them

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Have you ever sat down and thought about what happened to all those goals that you set in college, work, or life. Why did they fail? Was there something that you could have done to make them better? I am sure that there are countless things and reasons that you can summon. But, have you… Read more

6 Marketing Tips From … Bernie Sanders

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When Bernie Sanders officially announced his candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nominee in April 2015 he was sitting at 10% popularity in national opinion polls. By comparison, Hillary Clinton, the most popular candidate (at the time), was at 60%. In the 10 months that have followed, Sanders popularity has grown to 39.3% in the opinion… Read more

Welcoming Alex Vaughan: Hustle & Grind Managing Editor

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Alex Vaughan was named Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Content Hustler and Wrangler in March 2016. He’s well known around these parts as he’s contributed to the Hustle & Grind blog on a few occasions with pieces like 10 Entrepreneurs who Made it Big in their 40’s (and Beyond) and Lessons That Marketers Can Take From Deadpool. Alex is… Read more

Why It's Hard For Smart People To Date (And How To Fix It)

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I promise you, regardless of what I write in this article; if you don’t start by liking yourself, you’ll always struggle with the idea of getting someone else to like you. You could be a genius. You could have a six pack. You could have impeccable hair. You could even drive the latest car. But none of… Read more

Why Making Decisions is a Waste of Your Willpower

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All the two Israeli men could do was hope. Hope that the judge would hear their cases thoughtfully and free them to return to society as reformed convicts. Each case was the same: They both committed fraud. They both were serving 30-month sentences. They both were well-behaved during their 18-months in prison. The only difference… Read more