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What I Wish I Knew at 22

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This isn’t going to be your mother’s blog post about, well, calling your mother more often. Though, you should do that. Instead, here’s what I really wish I knew when I was 22:

There's No Such Thing As Magic Bacon

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no such thing as magic bacon

I love bacon. It’s incredible. I use it as a topping, a container, a wrapper, a filling, and a sauce. Bacon makes the world go ‘round. We literally use the term, “bringing home the bacon” to mean, “earning fat stacks of cash.” Bacon…is…money. There are shirts with bacon strips on them. You can buy an… Read more

Hustle and Grind's Ryan Holiday Giveaway Winners

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We at Hustle and Grind love to read and love new books. So when Ryan Holiday’s new book was announced, we jumped at the chance to host a contest with Ryan and his publishers to give away all of his books. If you weren’t lucky enough to be a winner, you can still check out… Read more

7 Things Not to Do on a Perfect Day

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“My nights during my last five years of my drinking always ended with the same ritual: I’d pour any beers left in the refrigerator down the sink,” said Stephen King, the author of my favorite book, The Stand. “If I didn’t, they’d talk to me as I lay in bed until I got up and… Read more

Six Insanely Easy Ways To Make Every Day Count

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I hate going to bed without accomplishing something beforehand. It might sound a little crazy at first but hear me out… I’m not just talking about work. I’m talking about everything from fitness and relationships to business and personal development. I like to feel as if each day had some type of progress or meaning.

Chances are Streaming is the new Sale

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Chance the Rapper’s latest album Coloring Book debuted on the Billboard 200 charts at number 8 after selling 38,000 copies in its first week. Now while those kind of numbers do not come close to touching those of Drake’s newest release Views (850,000 copies in its first week and as of now, 6 weeks at… Read more

Put up or Shut Up

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Some jobs suck. They just do. Your manager is a jerk, the work isn’t fulfilling. I’ve been there. That’s not one of those “yeah, I’ve been there.” I’ve ACTUALLY been there. I’ve been a cog in the wheel of the industrial complex, spinning freely and ineffectually through space. I’ve had jobs where there’s been NO… Read more