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Podcast: Streamlining your life and escaping the 9-5

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Hustle and Grind’s co-founder Ross Simmonds joined me on a podcast to talk business and efficiency; and if you’ve ever fantasized about quitting your 9-5 but have obstacles impeding you doing so, this is a podcast you should listen to. On this episode, we dissected how entrepreneurs can streamline their lives, decrease e-mail obsessiveness, and use… Read more

A Freelancers' Guide To Ending Summer

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I am, to say the least, an incredibly lucky man. In addition to running a small digital media company I have the pleasure of being the father of two amazing children that I get to take care of full time and I get to be husband to an incredibly loving and talented and powerful woman…. Read more

10 Bestsellers That Began as Self-Published Books

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There is much to be said for self-publishing, especially if you have spent a year or ten (see Michael J. Sullivan below) trying to get publishing houses interested in your work. If you self-publish and do a proper job of marketing, your book may not only achieve success in its own right but may be… Read more

Want to Work From Home? Develop These Habits

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Working from home, or at least the option to do so, is one of the perceived perks when you’re self-employed or have the ability to work remotely. Without a doubt, the opportunity to work from home is amazing, but early on in my freelance career, I realized working from home is not necessarily all it’s… Read more

The science of surprise: How to make your work unforgettable

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Every day, two million blog posts are published online. Of the few that actually get clicked, 55% of readers spend fewer than 15 seconds reading. Factor in that the average reader gets through 250 words a minute, and you’ve got a measly 62 words to grab someone’s attention. That’s it. And this isn’t just for… Read more

Why Books Should Be Integrated Into Your Daily Grind

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Books are important in expanding your mind and your business. Here’s why and how. Book, books, books. I read so many articles on and Forbes about the books Bill Gates thinks you should read or the books Mark Zuckerberg reads and to be honest it’s overwhelming. How is the average entrepreneur who’s trying to… Read more

17 Ways to Totally Dominate Self Management

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Self Management builds upon self-awareness. When it comes to appropriately responding to situations and/or others, one needs to understand their emotions. Simply put, size yourself up quickly before heading in the wrong direction. These 17 strategies can help. 1. Breathe right via GIPHY 2. Create an emotion vs. reason list

How to Thrive as a Freelancer

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Over the last three years I’ve carved out a niche for myself as a content writer and UX designer for big tech. I’ve worked with some big names, had some great clients and am very grateful for these experiences. I have never experienced “feast or famine” and have multiple streams of revenue which have enabled… Read more

How to Become a Time Wizard by Mastering Mornings

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Do you want more? Want to create more? Learn more? Do more? Wouldn’t it be great if you could squeeze more into 24 hours? It can be done if you’re willing to make the adjustments to your lifestyle that will put more time back in your hands. What night owls and early birds both know is that there… Read more

Can Coffee Make You a Genius? A Scientific Answer

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If you, with mind untroubled, Would flourish, day-by-day, Let each day of the seven Find coffee on your tray. It will your frame preserve from every malady Its virtues drive afar la! la! Migraine and dread catarrh – ha! ha! Dull cold and lethargy. [1] Audiences were appalled in 1732 when Johan Sebastian Bach created… Read more

19 Quotes to Motivate your Monday

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I do not have an addiction to suffering, I have an addiction to what the product of suffering is. Mat Fraser – 2016 Crossfit Champion After two back-to-back runner-up finishes in the 2014 and 2015 CrossFit Game, Fraser broke out in a big way in 2016 dominating the rest of the field for his first… Read more