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5 ways to take inspired action and get results

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As a business coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, I’m always interested in what makes a person or company successful, while others struggle (and ensuring my clients fall firmly into the first category!) I once went to a networking event where one of the speakers was a Facebook executive. She said that the company motto… Read more

31 Great Tools That Every Freelance Writer Should Try

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The struggles of being a freelance writer are real. Outside the confines of an office job, they are left to their own devices. While it is this very freedom and flexibly that lead many to take on the lifestyle of a freelance writer, the daily pressures of being your own boss can require a hefty… Read more

My 5 Tips for new Freelancers

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It was a very hot night in august of 1994. Like every teenager in Cuba, I was serving in the military for two mandatory years the government imposes on every able-bodied 17-year-old. While on security duty at the front gate, my partner Jesusito as we use to called him, told me about a plan his… Read more

6 Reasons Why It’s Ok To Get A Job

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I get it. The idea of working for someone else is repulsive, right? My friend once described it as, “renting someone else’s desk.” Every single person I know that’s in business school and isn’t planning on a career in law or accounting are all thinking the same thing; how can we start a business right… Read more

How To Be More Interesting (Backed By Research)

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We’ve all attended events, parties, conferences or get-togethers and gotten stuck conversing with a stick-in-the-mud. It’s one of those things that once you experience it, you pray and hope to avoid it in the future, at all costs. Being labeled as someone who is boring is one of the worst things that can happen to your… Read more

Why Your Day Job Is Your Secret Side Hustle Advantage

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  So, I’m coming out. My side hustle is going to stay a side hustle.  And I like it that way. I work in Quality Control for a large healthcare and diagnostics company with a heavy focus on women’s health. Close to 80% of the U.S. blood supply is tested using my company’s technologies. In… Read more

Have the Life You Want – Now

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We all want a better life. We all want a little more control over how the day goes, over what we do with our hours, and what we are able to achieve. Fortunately, gaining greater control of your life is possible, although it often requires an unconventional approach. I’m a lucky man. Early in life… Read more