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5 Ways to Instantly Stand Out Above Other Freelancers

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  Through my experiences working in the corporate world, I realized something incredible. That 80% of people in the professional world are either incompetent or lazy. 80% of people are just plain unreliable when it comes to getting things done. When I started freelancing, I realized the exact same thing. The vast majority of freelancers… Read more

5 Ways to Boost Sales - Without Selling your Soul

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One of my favorite clients (OK, they’re all my favorites, but I love this guy!) scheduled a ‘get acquainted call’ after reading my Sales Techniques for People Who Hate Selling post for Freelancer’s Union. He realized that if he was going to create the business he wanted, he needed to refine his message and sales… Read more

15 Best Commencement Speeches (Available on YouTube)

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Photo credit: dwhartwig via VisualHunt / CC BY There are few moments in life akin to graduating University. After 15 + years of learning, struggling through tests and teachers, the joys of puberty, and many memories along the way, students are pushed (probably with a fair bit of debt) into the unknown of the “real… Read more

6 Actionable Nuggets of Stoicism

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This book is awesome. I love the short daily pieces of stoicism and thought to ponder on. I feel like it really fits in with whatever belief system you may have, and the last 6 days have been following a consistent theme. All of which point to a main characteristic of Stoicism. Don’t worry about… Read more

Pro Advice: Launch with a Partner

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  One of the key factors in owning and growing a successful business is the importance of identifying a market for your product simply, is there someone willing to put down their hard-earned money for what you are offering? Having been in the trenches of the start-up world for the last year has given me… Read more

3 Reasons The Stories You Tell Matter

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  I love telling stories. Even if it’s just fiction. Every day when I walk to work and I see different “characters” on the street. I always make up stories about them. For instance, the homeless man who hangs out on the corner in front of my office – I’ve named him James. He was… Read more

How to Move Forward When You’re Feeling Stuck

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  Whew. This has been some kind of week, hasn’t it? To be honest with myself (and with you), I failed to set healthy boundaries regarding my time this week, and I wasn’t moving forward. I was stuck. The US presidential election took over my social media feeds, and I found it more difficult than… Read more

How to Change Your Course in Life

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You’re about to discover how to get more done, make more money, and still get home on time for dinner. Today you’re going to walk away with 5 personal rules for your life that will make you a better business owner and parent. But before I do that, I want you to think about what’s… Read more

How to Work With Clients From Hell

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What if there was a way to work with clients from hell and get the most of it? Is something like that even possible? Yes, it is. In this article, you will learn about five ways that will help you achieve that. What’s more, these ways can help you transform these people into your best… Read more