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10 Things To Walk Away From Going Into 2017

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Want to make 2017 great? I’ve got the perfect solution. Walk away from the things that would slow you down from making that a reality. Walk away from the things that would cloud your judgment & perspective. Walk away from the 10 things below… 

Newbie Jitters: How To Get Your First Five Clients As A Freelancer

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Starting your own freelance business can be nerve wracking. The fear of not being able to acquire a consistent stream of clients is probably the biggest fear. For the last few years, I’ve worked as a freelancer and entrepreneur. I’ve spoke with hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world about their experiences as an entrepreneur… Read more

3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Productivity

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  Embrace the truth. You always have a feeling that you are lacking time. Frankly speaking, we all wish we had more time. Indeed, every once in a while it seems like time literally flies and you end up wondering where it all has gone. It is especially the case when you work on your… Read more

8 Myths That Will Ruin Your Early Riser Habit

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  I have spent the last two years coaching 500 people online to wake up early. After coaching the same thing over and over again for a while the patterns started emerging. It became pretty clear which strategies work and which are just a myth. If you want to be successful with a habit, one… Read more

Getting Acquired: Lessons Learned

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On January 30th, 2015 the company that I co-founded, Aurelius, got acquired by DataStax. It was the first time that I negotiated and executed an acquisition of substantial size (>$1M) and this post summarizes the lessons I learned in the process [¹].     First, let me give you some context on the acquisition. Aurelius… Read more

How to Master Self Discipline Once and For All

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  Regardless of what your goals are in this life; self-discipline is the one key trait that will help you to achieve them. In a 2013 study, Wilhelm Hofmann discovered that people with a higher degree of self-control are happier and more content with their lives as a whole. The subjects in Hofmann’s study were… Read more

10 Stories to help you achieve a Work/Life Balance

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  Oh, work/life balance. It’s one of those terms that is everywhere now and with good reason – a lot of people struggle with it whether they’re aware of it or not. The highly successful people who put everything into their work only to find, sometimes too late, that their health or personal life suffer…. Read more

The Ugly Truth of Entrepreneurship

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I am a tech “entrepreneur”. I run a successful startup that has funding, revenue, a great team, incredibly big name customers, and we even have acquisition offers. By most standards of “entrepreneurship”, we are exactly where we need to be, and I should be thrilled. But that doesn’t reflect myself, or the purpose of what… Read more