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Why You Should ALWAYS Pursue Your Highest Joy

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“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past” Jack London. As a graduation gift to myself, I decided to get my ninth tattoo. Just like scars, every tattoo has a story and is a representation of life’s journey. I’ve always told myself that I would never… Read more

How Elon Musk Became The Real Life Iron Man

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  Superheroes aren’t real, right? Other than those few brave/crazy folks who choose to patrol and attempt to protect certain city streets in their homemade outfits – we know that superheroes are only something out of comic books, movies and television shows. Often all three in this day and age. So there’s not really a… Read more

Five Tips For Building An Entrepreneurial Culture That Lasts

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Like any business, for a startup to succeed, it must first get the culture right. Find the right people to do the right things. Appreciate, respect, and give credit to those responsible for successes. Build a culture that will attract, retain and inspire employees. Work satisfaction among employees is critical to progress. Here are five… Read more

How To Improve your day-to-day efficiency and eliminate your trivial tasks

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There’s something enchanting about the quest for ultimate efficiency. It’s a never-ending pursuit – one riddled with stumbling blocks and minor victories along the way. We are not designed to be perfect, and will inevitably break down in unexpected ways. Even those who can claim they’re the embodiment of health and productivity will never reach that pinnacle. Life will throw… Read more

Advice for Entrepreneurs Stuck in “Real Jobs”

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  For any number of reasons, there comes a time when many entrepreneurial-minded people decide to take on “real jobs.” These folks have great energy, and I have hired a number of them over the years for exactly that reason. They are driven, passionate, and they can be valuable to an organization. At the same… Read more

4 Ways an Art Degree Helped Me Succeed in Business

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  As someone who works in the corporate sector with an art degree, I often find myself under-represented, underappreciated or disrespected for such an educational choice. I’m here to speak up, to change the perceptions that surround us “crazy weirdo art kids” because with only a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting I’ve managed to… Read more

How to Reach Your Highest Potential by Reverse Engineering

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“People usually don’t focus on habits because goals sound much sexier in our minds” – Mark Manson. It happens every January, new year and new me. Ironic that the new year usually brings along with it many unfulfilled resolutions. Even though we all make goals to strive for in the new year ahead, more times… Read more

50 Top Notch Resources For Online Entrepreneurs

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The best hack for achieving success is investing in knowledge. It’s the one investment that will give you returns as long as you have a ability to take action based on what you’ve read or learned. Charlie Munger, the right hand man to Warren Buffet said it best: In my whole life, I have known no wise… Read more