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3 Social Media Productivity Tools That Every Entrepreneur Needs

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You know what’s hard about running a business? You will never have enough time. It’s the one thing you’re constantly up against. Whether it’s having enough time to finish a project or enough time to spend with family; the balance of your schedule when running a business is one of the hardest things. We’ve written… Read more

Why Productivity is Over-rated

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  A young woman sort of screeches into my office. She’s a high-performance athlete with a massive social media following and a couple of businesses running on the side. She sits down, actually, she perches on the edge of my couch like she’s not staying long. She’s a little breathless, she talks rapidly; her eyes… Read more

The Top 20 Frank Underwood Quotes That Can Be Applied To Life

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Although House of Cards let us down when they released and retracted Season 3 before Valentines Day – The faithful fans at Hustle & Grind have have big hopes for another jaw dropping season. If you’re like us, you’ve probably already binge-watched the entire season and know exactly how it ends. We didn’t want to spoil anything so… Read more

Something Will Go Wrong: Deal with it!

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Something Will Go Wrong: You will write a line of copy wrong You will have a client or a supplier take forever You will buy something and it will be totally wrong You will set a deadline and be lucky it you get it all done 2 months after that date I really don’t think… Read more

Five Side Businesses You Could Start While Working Your 9 to 5

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So you want to be an Entrepreneur, well guess what? You’re not alone. In a recent study conducted amongst 18 – 30 year olds, more than 60% of the respondents expressed that they’d like to work for themselves. Yet in reality, most of these people will continue working away in their nine to five jobs and never make… Read more

Six Epic Business Lessons You Can Take from Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is one of the largest names in business today. Musk is the founder of four unique companies including PayPal, Tesla Motors and the aptly named SpaceX. He is the current CEO of the latter two companies which are among the most innovative companies out there today. Musk has drawn comparisons to the likes… Read more

Time-Management Success Checklist

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Last week I started work every morning at 4 a.m. One day I was in Denver, the next day I was in Chino Hills, California, the day after that I was in Orange County, and then I finished my work week in beautiful Santa Monica in a hotel room overlooking the ocean. Even though I… Read more

You Are Not Alone With Depression As An Entrepreneur

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It was early in my corporate career. A co-worker I was friends with said to me he’d never date a woman if he found out she had suffered from depression and he certainly would never marry her. Then he mumbled something about the gene pool. I can’t remember how that conversation even started, but I… Read more