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Five Reasons To Wake Up An Hour Earlier

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Real work happens in silence. The reason why so many people are unproductive is because they attempt to do their most difficult tasks in the middle of the day. They try to dive into deep thought while surrounded by coworkers, or after a full day at the office, or at the end of the day… Read more

8 Myths That Will Ruin Your Early Riser Habit

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  I have spent the last two years coaching 500 people online to wake up early. After coaching the same thing over and over again for a while the patterns started emerging. It became pretty clear which strategies work and which are just a myth. If you want to be successful with a habit, one… Read more

Four Unorthodox Ideas That Can Actually Help You Be Successful

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Most people have traditional views on what it takes to be successful—work hard, work smart, take risks, and the list goes on and on. But are these really the only ways that can contribute to one’s success? After having scoured through various resources, there are in fact, other more unconventional ways to set yourself up for… Read more

How To Be A Legend (Four Ways To Leave A Legacy)

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“Oh my God, oh my God. If I die, I’m a legend. Oh my God, oh my God. If I die, I’m a legend.”  — Drake, “Legend” Drake has broken The Beatles’ record on Billboard Hot 100, and in just five years, he has the most number one songs on the Hip Hop/R&B Billboard. We… Read more

How I Made $100k Freelancing Part-Time with $5 Services

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How I knew it was time to change… Not long after I started freelancing, the inconsistency was draining me, to say the least. The honeymoon phase was over and my normal mantra of “work harder” wasn’t getting me anywhere. I started freelancing to “work for myself,” but I now felt more trapped by my job… Read more

Six Places Online Where Freelancers Can Find New Business

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Finding work is one of the biggest challenges for most freelancers. Unless you’re Marty Kaan or Don Draper, landing new business can be a struggle. It can result in many early mornings writing emails and late nights crafting proposals. It’s these efforts that can cause freelancers to go insane and sometimes even jump back into the… Read more

9 Surprising Things I Learned When I Met a Client in Person

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I have one of those mainly-just-me-and-my-computer careers. (My 2nd career, acting, is another story–and another article.) On an average month my work demands that I engage with people in person four hours or less. I, like many people these days, have clients that I’ve never met in person. Recently I got the chance to meet… Read more