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The One Thing You Need to Land a Creative Job

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Doing this one thing will absolutely make me hire you. I’ve been on both sides of the hiring table for creative roles, and I can’t say I’ve ever met somebody that enjoyed the interview process. There’s a ton of reasons why the process makes everyone involved uncomfortable: it involves judgement, the stakes are high, and… Read more

6 Influencer Engagement Strategies To Deploy Now

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Photo Credit: Hudson Hintze You could be arguing that influencer marketing doesn’t matter, but you would be arguing with yourself. Like it or not, and many do not, we know that the connectedness of social platforms and society at large require new methods for engaging consumers, customers, and fans. Influencers certainly aren’t the only solution,… Read more

How 22 Successful Companies Hustled For Their First Customers

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It’s hard to imagine successful companies struggling to acquire customers. We see the successes with their hordes of fans and we think, “Wow, they’re so lucky. They have it good.” Yet every single behemoth in existence once had to court its first customer. In this post, we feature some of these stories. You’ll find in them… Read more

Here’s Exactly How To Increase Referrals to Your Business

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  There are plenty of ways to get new clients and customers through your doors — the process of finding potential customers is called “lead generation.” One of the best ways to get clients or customers is through referrals. But Catherine, I don’t know what to say to get referrals! I don’t have time to… Read more

Stop Prioritizing and Start Automating

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Maximize your productivity through automation, not prioritization. It’s amazing to me how enamored working professionals and communities at large are with to-do lists. There always seems to be a new app claiming to have solved society’s productivity dilemma with better ways to prioritize tasks. I think that as a society we’re generally busier than any… Read more

How to Stay Productive When You’re Self-Employed

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There are a lot of perks that come from being your own boss — but motivation isn’t always one of them. When you’re a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, self-discipline is imperative, and in some cases hard to come by. There’s no boss breathing down your neck or holding you accountable; you’re the boss, and… Read more

5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline

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  Success is only the result of a strong will and self-discipline. When you have the habit of being self-indulgent and procrastinating, becoming disciplined can get be a tough task. Gaining a new habit can be really hard and maintaining it even harder. But don’t worry, the first and most important step was done when… Read more

6 Ways To Always Follow Through With Your Goals

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There is a reason so few people succeed—not just in becoming some huge worldwide superstar or billionaire tech entrepreneur. It’s astounding how many people actually struggle to achieve even the simplest of goals: waking up on the first alarm, reading a book a month, or even maintaining a steady sleep or gym schedule.  People have no… Read more

How to Create a Side Project that Customers Actually Want

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Don’t find customers for your product. Find products for your customers. — Seth Godin There’s a scene in Objectified in which a team of industrial designers is shown designing garden shears. Two or three New York MFA-types stand around a conference table discussing a prototype: where on the hand the shears will create friction, whether… Read more