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How To Accomplish Almost Anything In 24 Hours

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As a work-at-home Mom, I have mastered the art of finishing things very quickly. But, despite the fact that tasks have to be completed in a short amount of time, my chosen professions require that I am very detail-oriented and error-free with my results. I am meticulous and calculated in every minute of my day…. Read more

Six Strategies For Self Care That You Can Actually Keep

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Six Strategies For Self Care That You Can Actually Keep You’re a busy bee. You have a thousand things to do, with a million things overdue. I get that. But let’s take a step back and talk about you. Self-care. The term gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? Self-care means think… Read more

Good CEOs Aren’t Busy

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How to grow from a 5 person company to a 500 person company. “Once you build out your executive team you’ll have so much time on your hands you won’t know what to do with yourself!” said one of our investors. We’d just raised our $20M series B for Bigcommerce in 2012 and upon hearing… Read more

How to Increase Your Self-Confidence & Trust in Yourself

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  There was a time when I didn’t know what self-confidence was. But I didn’t know that I didn’t know what self-confidence was. I thought being awkward, anxious and unsure of myself was totally normal. Now that I’m in a new stage of my life (recent college grad, heyo), I’ve been thinking about confidence a lot lately…. Read more

The 5 Essential Ingredients of Success

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Success is a tricky word that can have as many definitions as people in the world. For some people success is being wealthy and owning expensive things, for others it’s having a family and being happy. Whatever the meaning this word might have for you or what you plan on achieving in your life, there… Read more

10 Simple (Yet Powerful) Ways to Increase Your Productivity

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“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” — Bruce Lee Being more productive in your life and work doesn’t have to be difficult. By making a few simple changes to your lifestyle and habits, you can work and create more efficiently, confidently and regularly. Here are ten… Read more

10 Tips for Marketing to Millennials with Your Social Feeds

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  Ahh, Millennials. The generation that holds $600 Billion in U.S. buying power and have become the veritable “hot chick at the bar” for brands around the world. Even Facebook, the social media monolith, shelled out $1 Billion for Instagram just to capture the millennial market. As marketers, we must find the key to millennial… Read more

How To Maximize Your Time And Achieve Your Dreams

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Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash Do you feel like you are drowning in the midst of many activities and you can’t come up for air? You have a day job. Besides this, you need to think about your health, finances, relationships and God forbid you don’t call your mum every day to say hello. When you add… Read more