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10 Things To Walk Away From Going Into 2018

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  Want to make 2018 great? I’ve got the perfect solution. Walk away from the things that would slow you down from making that a reality. Walk away from the things that would cloud your judgment & perspective. Walk away from the 10 things below… 

Shift Your Mindset By Saying Less of These Four Things

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  The ball rocketed into the air, took a definite left turn, and crashed down into the water with a sickening: *Splash* My dad and I were on the 11th hole, and I was practicing for an upcoming golf tournament. The day’s work wasn’t exactly going well. “UGH! I suck!” I slammed my club into the… Read more

Don't Stop Believing: A Path Towards Failure

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It’s a mantra that I’m sure you’ve heard a million times. “Believe in yourself.” It’s also a crock of shit. It’s not that it’s not true. It is. Every story of entrepreneurial greatness involves someone who saw a problem and believed that they had a way to solve the problem. Without that belief, their idea… Read more

Why Testing with Real Content Is Better Than Lorem Ipsum

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Testing is a critical part of building usable digital products. A testing environment with relevant content encourages more thoughtful feedback, that can then be used to craft a more tailored user experience. What is Lorem Ipsum? Lorem Ipsum is dummy text used by publishers and designers when the original copy is not available. They use it… Read more