5 Easy Ways to Ace Your Customer Service

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customer service

Do you want to be successful in your business?

Would you like to make more money?

Do you enjoy seeing positive reviews and testimonials about your business/service/product?

Yeah? Me too!

Well according to several recent studies and articles, companies that make customer service one of their highest priorities… get all of those things!

Why am I telling you this? Because today, I’m going to share with you 5 ways to improve your customer service so you too can be one of those lovable, successful, money-making businesses.

During this past SMMW (Social Media Marketing World) held in San Diego, Content Marketing and Customer Service Consultant, Jay Baer said:

Customer complaints are essentially free marketing research. Every complaint should be answered QUICKLY and embraced with EMPATHY. No response is the worst response because it says, “you don’t care”.

So how do you show your customers that you care?

Focus on them – not you!
And here are a few ways to do just that:

Let’s face it, you are not always at your desk or able to answer emails within a timely manner. I mean you do need things such as sleep. So how do you reach customers even when you’re not online?

Include An Intensive FAQs Resource

Build this resource from the questions and complaints that you already get from your customers – and make it easy to search.

Don’t make it cluttered, but include everything you can think of – video tutorials, screenshots, step-by-step guides, free downloads, etc. And be sure that you keep it up to date! Nothing will cause a irate customer more than following a step-by-step guide and still not getting the solutions or answer.

Now that you have that taken care of, what’s worse than having no customer service? Having a crappy one! So here are a few ways to help keep your customers happy and offer solutions.

Avoid the drawn-out directory.

How annoying is it when you call a customer service line and you have to wait for the automated voice to go through 9 options, then when you finally to select your number, it starts in again with even more options?

Let’s keep it simple: if you pick up a phone and dial a number your wanting to TALK to a person – a real live human being. So, skip the directory and make it as easy as possible for your customers to get to that real person who can empathize with their frustration and help them as quickly as possible.

Offer to Call THEM Back.

It’s normal to have wait times. Especially when you have limited people available to answer. So instead of asking your customers to remain on hold for 30 minutes for the next available person, offer a callback system where they can type in their phone number and YOU will call them back.

Just make sure that it happens quickly. Again, they picked up the phone and called because they’re having a problem right now.

Include a Live Chat Feature on Your Website.

Customers love this feature on websites. When utilized correctly, they can ask their question quickly, and get a response within minutes. It’s also easy to send files or links through the chat window which is exactly what your customers may be needing to solve their problem.

Avoid Long Contact Forms.

When creating your “Contact Me “form for your website, keep it as simple as possible. Only ask for the information that you REALLY need in order to answer their questions effectively:

  • Name
  • Return Contact Info
  • Some sort of Account Identity
  • A Verification
  • Concern/Message

Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. Don’t make them jump through hoops and ask for a million things before they are allowed to speak and express their concerns.

No matter how awesome your product/service is, a bad customer service experience can cost you clients. So make sure that you are spending the appropriate time and budget on delivering the best possible customer service experience possible!

I hope these tips helped and you’re able to implement a few things into your own businesses. 🙂

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