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May 15, 2018

When your inspiration and motivation slow down what do you do? Drink a cup of coffee? Read inspiring blog posts like this? Or maybe you look to your left and find an inspirational poster?

We like to combine all three.

Inspiration is a funny thing. One minute you’re inspired to tackle a daunting task, the next minute, you’re wishing you were outside enjoying the heat and playing frisbee with your dog. In business, inspiration is one of those things that are the key to ensuring you can act and take steps towards your goals day in and day out. It’s this inspiration that allows us to stay motivated when things get hard and make the decision to do the things that will help us grow personally and professionally.

Art has always played a role in human psychology. We place art throughout our homes because it sets the mood and often times it can reflect to our guests what we’re all about. Art is a beautiful thing that can connect with us on both an intellectual and emotional level.

A study from the University of Westminster found that participants’ stress levels decreased after a lunchtime visit to an art gallery. In business, stress is often high and art can help in decreasing those stress levels while driving inspiration. We’ve spent hundreds of hours creating and designing inspirational and motivational posters but also some time looking for some of the best online.

Here are 20 inspiring and beautiful posters that would reduce stress and drive inspiration for any office, startup or entrepreneur:

For entrepreneurs going through the struggle; Good Fucking Design Advice

Believe In Your Fucking Self - Inpirational Poster

To inspire teams to challenge the status quo; Constantly Fucking Challenge Yourself – Beam. 

Constantly Challenge Yourself

A simple reminder of the impact one can have on the world; Ralph Waldo Emerson Minimalist Poster – Design Different. 

A reminder we all need time to time; Oscar Wilde – Minimalist Poster – Design Different. 


To demonstrate the importance of being better than the competition; Different is Easy. Better is Hard – H&G. 

Jonathan Ive - Different Better

A reminder to stop procrastinating; 8 bit poster series – Laura Gomez. 

Tetris - Inspirational Creative Poster

A reminder that the struggle is temporary; Shine Later -H&G. 

Invest In Your Dream

An inspirational reminder that obstacles are where you’ll find opportunities; 8 bit poster series – Laura Gomez.
Inspirational Creative Poster - Mario


 A constant reminder of what makes up a true hustler; Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler – Joey Roth. 

Joey Roth - Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler

An inspirational reminder of where you’ll find your purpose; Purpose – H&G

Purpose Venn Diagram Poster - Hustle Grind Mug


A reminder to turn dreams into reality; Make Ideas Real – Little Red Dots

Make Ideas Real


A demonstration of what goes into success;  Inspiration, Discipline, Risk, Humility– Joey Roth.(Owned by both Ross and Findlay)

Joey Roth - Inspiration, Discipline, Risk, Humility

To show teams that technology is a tool that can accelerate our growth; Impossible Happens – H&G.

Sam - Technology History


A constant reminder of where you should be focusing your time; Procrastiworking – Jessica Hische.

To show teams that the customer is all that matters;  It’s More Important To Be Right – H&G.

Aaron Levie - First vs Right

To inspire people to take pride in their work and inject passion into everything they do;  Passion Never Fails – Startup Vitamins.


A reminder that execution and vision must be aligned to achieve success; Vision & Execution – Dept. Of Motivation.



A reminder that the more you earn, the more you learn; (L)earn – Neuarmy Surplus.


To show teams that they need to be willing to adjust plans and adjust quickly; Everybody Has A Plan – Busy Building Things.


A reminder to ship it; Just Ship It – Busy Building Things.


These are just 20 of our favorite inspirational posters, quite a few of these are actually hanging in both my offices and in Findlay’s. Images and posters like these can really carry you through the tough moments, they can remind you of why you are working so hard. By surrounding yourself with things that speak to you, posters, coffee, blog posts, the more you will remain motivated!

Are there any images that get you through the day? Let us know by posting them in the comments section of this post!

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