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April 23, 2018

Phone - Hustle

Many fall victim to fake hustle.

What is “fake hustle”?

Fake hustle is when one appears to be working on a project or business but no progress is actually ever really made.

I believe fake hustle stems from the fact that in this day and age, entrepreneurship or hustling has become very sexy. It seems like almost everyone has the desire to be or pretends to be an entrepreneur. There are two ways to fake hustle. You have “hamster running on a wheel” hustle and you have “dog chasing its tail” hustle.

Now, the hamster running on a wheel hustler loves to fake hustle. He or she loves to pretend they are actually hustling. They will spend more time appearing to work than they will spend actually getting things done. They talk amongst their peers about all the ideas they have and all the moves they are making, but never truly act or execute on any of them. They may even make social media posts that portray they are hustling.

Often times, there is a psychological factor involved with hamster wheel hustlers. They may simply lack the confidence to pursue their aspirations. For them, the fear of failure outweighs the opportunity for success. Another reason for this type of fake hustle is that it’s simply easier to pretend that it is to pursue. Some aren’t willing to put in the work or make the necessary sacrifices, so they opt to fake it until they make it.

The dog chasing its tail hustler is fake hustling, but they really aren’t content doing so. They are chasing goals, but inevitably don’t succeed because they take the wrong approach. They end up exerting a ton of energy into initiatives that won’t inevitably reap many benefits. They’ll try anything just short of a get rich quick scheme so they can have a hustle.

This type of fake hustler doesn’t mind hustling hard, but they struggle with hustling smart. They are so ready to be their own boss that they jump at every new and shiny idea that comes their way or pops into their head. They aren’t hustling to solve a problem. They may not even know why they are pursuing an idea. They don’t know where to start, so they end up being all over the place. The dog chasing its tail hustler lacks direction.

I’m not sure which is worse, but both are running in circles and lack awareness. The hamster wheel hustler has to face their fears if they really want it. Eventually, pretending to hustle will get old. They must become more self-aware, and then accept that the greatness and notoriety they seek comes with a price. Those who are content with hamster wheel hustling may never progress.

The dog tail chasing hustler may actually stumble onto the right path one day. If they want to stop chasing their tails and start chasing promising endeavors, they must surround themselves with others who are already doing so. They need a solid mentor, and to build consistent relationships with true hustlers who are established and pursuing legit initiatives.

It can be easy to fall victim to fake hustle.

My hope is that people apply their energy and hustle to efforts that will lead them to a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Everyone is not cut out to be a self-starter, and that’s fine. For the ones that are, actively pursue opportunities that will lead you to leave a legacy of greatness.

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