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February 07, 2018

Most people have traditional views on what it takes to be successful—work hard, work smart, take risks, and the list goes on and on.

But are these really the only ways that can contribute to one’s success?

After having scoured through various resources, there are in fact, other more unconventional ways to set yourself up for success.

To learn more about what I’ve uncovered, read on and see for yourself how these things can help you be successful as well.


Although not a proven fact, many business front-runners and pioneering entrepreneurs swear by the benefits of traveling to their success. Not only is it a way of learning for them but it also gives a competitive advantage in terms of the way they are able to integrate the different experiences that travel brings them.

One example would be the ability to adapt—a crucial trait necessary to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the times. Anyone who wants to be successful needs to be flexible on some level in order to be able to deal with any situation as they arise.

Another key trait that traveling hones is communication skill. Anytime you travel, you’re bound to experience language barriers and cultural differences, and most often than not, the only way to bridge that gap is to be creative with how you communicate.

Being in a foreign environment also gives people the opportunity to learn how to work with constraints and make use of any limited resources they may have. Consequently, it pushes you to be smarter about how you budget your allowance as well as with the things that you bring. These are important skills to have because any business owner worth his salt has to know how to be able to stretch his resources at a specific period of time.


A new study suggests that sex is not just for leisure and pleasure—it’s beneficial for your income too. The research findings by the Institute of Study of Labor showed that sex positively affects one’s salary as those who have sex 4 to 5 times a week tend to earn more by 5% while those who were having sex once a week earns 3.2% more than those who were having no sex at all.

More than just the salary benefits, the study also revealed that those who have more sex get more health benefits such as being less likely to develop diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease.

One primary reason for this is that people are hardwired to need socialization and affection, which sex fulfills. Those who are not able to satisfy this need may be more susceptible to anxiety, loneliness, and depression that may, in turn, affect how they perform at work. Since sexual activity is a vital part for a person’s social welfare and personal health, it can have significant effects on various aspects of one’s life.

Researchers such as David Blanchflower also said that there’s an appreciable jump in happiness if there’s a significant spike in how much a person has sex every week and then it diminishes after a while.


Meditation has a long list of benefits to its name including being able to improve brain functioning and reduce stress. You can now add success to that list since meditation fine-tunes the brain in order to increase creativity.

The process of meditation has a way of making the brain highly integrated, says a study was done by Dr. Fred Travis in the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa. Dr. Travis claims that the state of perfection is only achievable through the mind and not practice, as the widely held belief asserts.

A highly integrated mind is said to be able to make better connections—a skill crucial for any endeavor especially when it comes to excelling. This means that the brain can invest more attention to a task at hand and it can take action at a much faster rate when faced with a problem. Proof of this are the top managers and world-class athletes who were tested for brain function and it was found out that high performing individuals have highly integrated brains.

For instance, those whose jobs are responsible for product development are found to be highly creative. The more resourceful and imaginative they were, the more highly integrated their brains are. Being able to generate ideas also goes hand in hand with the capacity to make decisions and process information quickly.

Breaking Rules

For many, breaking rules seem like a bad idea. After all, rules are there for a reason and there is always a comfort to be had in being in line with the norm. However, breaking rules is an essential part of success and is by far one of the biggest drivers in what mankind has achieved as a whole. Without the innovators who pushed the envelope, life, as we know it today, would be devoid of progress and technology we all benefit from.

A study has found that successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to challenge the status quo and take risks even if it means they have to break a few rules along the way. It has been argued that breaking rules are a testament to one’s independent thinking skills and determination to realize a goal into fruition.

Social change and success can only be initiated by people who are courageous enough to resist staying within the established standards that a society or market has set.

In Closing

Success is a fickle beast. There is no one, all-encompassing path that will work for everyone so it’s important to take into account your own capabilities and interests. This is why it’s always worth considering different alternatives in doing things. Try out which one best suits you and work to figure out your other likely steps to success. What unorthodox tip on success do you find effective?

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