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February 20, 2018

Monster Under The Bed

Your foot hanging over the edge of the bed.

The basement after you shut the light off to go upstairs.

Talking to people.

What do these things have in common?

They are things that many people, myself included, are terrified of.

Fear has the ability to stop you from achieving your full potential. As an Introvert, I’ve gone from someone who has allowed their introvertedness to be a problem for someone who has been able to use it as a superpower.

Being an introvert isn’t exactly a bad thing. It can be used to achieve great things.

Emma Watson, JK Rowling, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are all considered introverts.

Similarly, they are all successful in their own right and have used technology to further tell their message, get their products into the hands of millions and tell their story to a global audience.

In this post, I will show you how to can leverage technology to take some of the fear out of networking and how as an introverted entrepreneur, you can get your name and work out there effectively.

Love Who You Are

Being an introvert is great!

Own it!

You spend your time often in thought and being aware of you who are and what your goals are. There is a reason that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are successful and it isn’t because they are out networking and shaking hands. These entrepreneurs are thinkers, doers, and folks who put their head down and make things done. They are studious introverts that have risen to the top and have learned ways to work around the downsides of being introverts.

As you look to build your legacy in the world you will benefit from your introverted behaviors but you will need to learn how to leverage technology to overcome the downsides.

Twitter Research Before Networking

Findlay Hilchie - Twitter

One of the most terrifying things about networking is having no idea who you will be talking to and having nothing to say.  This is why before every event you should be on Twitter reading the feeds of people that are likely to be at the event, you can learn a bit about them, see what they have recently been talking about and take some of the fear out of the event.

If you have a short list of things you know you can talk about and know who you might run into some of the anxiety of going to the event can be reduced. This works before coffee meetings as well. The key is to make sure it doesn’t come off as creepy and instead is just a natural conversation.

For example, if you notice on someone’s Twitter account that they shared a picture of a beach. Ask them if they took any nice vacations recently or planned on taking any in the future. You already know the answer but breaking the ice with this type of topic is sure to make it easy to have dialogue.

The Freedom of Blogging

No matter how smart you are and how well you perform in your career you may always have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind about how you might be wrong. Blogging is a great way to put your ideas out into the world and still stay guarded. Blogging allows you creative control and if you want some anonymity in putting your thoughts and musings out into the world.

Ideally, if you are blogging about your industry you will do it under your own name but if you simply want to put it out into the world before adding your name feel free. Blogging allows you to see people share your material, compliment your work, and can give you a huge boost to your confidence. For myself I never really think that anyone will be reading my posts but every time someone I know makes a comment to me about my writing I get a boost of confidence that others connect with what I think, and you can get that same feeling too.

One to One Conversations

Networking Event

While face to face conversation can build a great relationship that doesn’t mean that it is the only way. From IM to Email there are a million ways to talk to someone before you need to either see them in person or talk to them on the phone.

By using digital channels you can build rapport, learn about the people you are working with and all of it at your own pace with the ability to edit your own words rather than have to trust that you will say the right thing. Yes, at some point you will need to take the jump and have an actual in-person conversation but you will have the rapport and comfort of talking to someone you already know rather than going in cold.

 Pro Tip: Twitter is a fantastic way to have brief but meaningful interactions with people, from RT’s to replies you can really make an impact with 140 characters. Download our guide to managing social media as an entrepreneur to find out more. 


Fear is the Disease Hustle is the Antidote Image

Interactions can be so much harder as an introvert but that doesn’t mean that you need to feel limited by being one. You can leverage technology to get your name out there into the world, to minimize awkwardness and to make an impact.

You are in control when it comes to how you are perceived and by using the technology you will be able to compete, to network and to benefit both yourself and your brand.

Never be limited by fear, truly great entrepreneurs, and hustlers don’t need to be extroverts, they only need to leverage technology. Fear is the disease, hustle is the antidote! Tweet This!

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