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March 30, 2018

I have never worked 100% in a normal office, while in a startup I had a regular place to work but would try and work remotely at-least a few times a week, while I totally love my home office I do my best to get out of the house and try and change my work environment. I have worked very hard to make my home office a great place to work. I have created a great space and because it is my space I am free to control how my work day flows and alter it for better results. Sometimes I find the best way to use my home office is to actually leave it.

Sometimes you need a change of environment as a home office can make you feel like you never leave the house. I have found that not all remote work locations are created equal and some you may never have considered.

If you have ever hit the wall, spent a day distracted, or simply need a change, keep reading to find some of the best places to work outside the home.

Local Campuses

I love working on a Campus, I have been a student for a lot of my working life but even when I am not I will still return to a local campus just to work. The spaces are often gorgeous, they have both quite spaces and spots filled with activity depending on your mood. Now not every campus is going to have public WiFi but that doesn’t mean you can’t get online if you previously went to the institution many times you can activate your account.

Most large academic institutions don’t delete student accounts but rather cycle them to inactive as the chance a student will return is often decent and storing a user account isn’t that hard. This means that with a good enough memory you should be able to use old passwords and account logins you will be able to turn on your student account and access the WiFi.

Coffee Shops & Cafes


Probably the most common go-to for me when I am writing. There is a reason so many people write in coffee shops, we are hipster tools just like you thought and just need the validation….kidding. They are just really good places to write, you can’t camp at them all day so you have a limited amount of time and thus a deadline, access to really good coffee (which if you aren’t subscribed to HG you may not have) and activity to keep you motivated.  That and they have wifi which means you can do research, email, and listen to music (a must for all work). I find coffee shops so conducive to writing that sometimes I simulate it when writing by listening to coffitivity while I write.

Coffee shops are great for solo and even teamwork but not the best place to have a call because of noise or to do any banking as they often do not have the most secure networks if you have to use a VPN like TunnelBear!

Startup Spaces

While not always open to the public some startup co-working spaces are a bit more relaxed than conventional co-working spaces often times having a more community-based attitude that allows some people to work in the open and more communal spaces of the building. I worked at one here in Halifax, Volta, on Friday afternoons for months.

One of my friends who happened to be employed at a company operating in Volta asked the administration and we were given the go-ahead for me to work there whenever I wanted but I chose to go there Friday so that people could build the habit of swinging by on Friday and talking.


If you have the image of a place filled with books where you aren’t allowed to talk and everything is found through paper cards you need to go to a library in the year 2015. Many newer libraries are modern and multiple areas to get into some work.

Aside from having free WiFi and quiet places to work, a lot of libraries have meeting rooms that you can book either in advance or same day giving you a place for meetings. Throw into the mix that libraries offer up a handful of resources in the form of books and it’s the perfect spot!

From A Friends Couch


Not me, I have a giant beard.

Learn who your friends are that work remotely, odds are you will have a few and they will have the same need for change and sometimes that change is as easy as one of you working at their home office. On an almost weekly basis, I spend one of my days (often Saturday), sitting with a friend at their apartment working.

It makes for a great work day, we take a few conversation breaks, one of us brings coffee, and I we get to hang out when we probably wouldn’t have that week because we are both constantly working. I find that this kind of work-life blend rather than the traditional work-life balance seems to simply work better for me at this stage of my life.

Co-Working Spaces

Traditional co-working spaces are an awesome investment for someone working on their own business, you get access to a great place to work often times in a decent location and with shared amenities (copier, meeting rooms, etc). They are also great places to find any number of companies doing really cool stuff and build a network of like-minded individuals keeping each other in the loop.

Most cities will have at least one co-working space and in some cases, you may find a whole world of them. This is the only suggestion on this that is a paid location, that being said you do get a dedicated place to work with perks.

Get Out From Time To Time

Working Remotely is not just having a short commute from your bed to the desk, it is about freedom. You can work anywhere that you find conducive to getting work done, that might be a coffee shop or a rented office space.

Where do you work when you leave the office, let us know in the comments below?


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