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March 31, 2018

Sales might not be your thing.

You might be more into the organization of the business, or in producing work for clients, but if you want to be an entrepreneur….You are also in sales!

If you are trying to build a company you will need to convince people to trust and believe in you, to think that your product is worth buying, that your company is worth investing in…

All of these things are sales!

I want to share with you the 6 best sales movies that I have seen. These are the movies I have learned from, laughed at, and been motivated by over the course of my career.

So read this post and get the popcorn ready, you are gonna need a movie night: 

Glen Gary Glen Ross

Glen Gary Glen Ross is a movie that goes over the more unethical side of sales. This movie will make you a better salesperson because it will make you more honest in the sale. As entrepreneurs, we are put under the spotlight to sell what we have created, to pitch our work as if it can change the world! There is a time and a place for that but it isn’t during a sale or when you wright up your marketing copy, by focusing on exactly what you do and not overpromising and under delivering you will make your clients have the best possible experience.

Also, this movie gave us one of the most enjoyable quotes of all time:

Coffee’s for closers only. – Blake


The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard

This is the polar opposite of GGGR, this is a sales movie that makes you laugh and also makes you want to sell everything to everyone, EVER! Just watch the clip below to gain some insight into this film.

Have I yelled, “SELL THE METAL” before a sales call, I cannot confirm or deny it and after you watch this movie there is a good shot you might have to plead the 5th.

This movie focuses on a small group of salespeople that travel around to auto dealerships to help with sales numbers, they change the culture, they make people care, and they are truly terrible human beings. The lesson to take from this film is that you have to enjoy sales, you have to want to sell the product and you need to have fun with it. If your culture is stagnant, nothing will ever change.

Thank You For Smoking

Thank you for smoking is a movie that will really make you realize that everything is sales. Sales are not just getting people to buy your product, it is to get them to buy into your mindset, your ideas, what you want. If you can sell ideas, you can build an army!

Thank You For Smoking centers on a lobbyist named “Nick Nayler” working for big tobacco, his job is to sell the idea that cigarettes aren’t a bad thing, that it is a personal choice. The movie also delves into the ethics of what he is doing, the nature of the product, and the conflicts in Nick’s life. This movie will make you realize the power of words, the power of persuasion and the choices we all make in using those things.

Wall Street

If you haven’t watched Wall Street you are really missing out, unlike if you watched the sequel…. The movie follows a young stockbroker trying and succeeding in making a connection with a very rich Corporate Raider. This movie shows a lot of what was wrong with the 80’s stock markets and the potential danger of insider training so why do I think you should watch it?

This movie shows you the power of information, of knowing something that other’s don’t and what can happen if you leverage that. It is also an amazing demonstration of what happens if you only focus on the money. If you actually haven’t seen this I won’t spoil it but know that if you forgot about people, it will all fall apart.

Lord Of War

A classic movie with the greatest actor of all time, Nicolas Cage!

He can play anything and because he seems to love money and hate his career, he does!

In Lord Of War, he plays a black market arms dealer named Yuri Orlov. Yuri builds a fortune by breaking or exploiting the law, but he does this with a quality product, solid sales skills, and meeting market demands.

I am not advocating the sale of illegal weapons, but the focus on seeing a market demand in an area where others don’t want to work can make you rich. We have all heard of the multi-billion dollar companies but think of all the multi-million and single billion dollar companies you have never heard of. There are industries and opportunity that you have never considered before.

Layer Cake

I have watched this one well over 100 times, this movie was actually loaned to me by a friend and they ended up giving me the movie because of I just. kept. watching it! This movie focuses on the life of a businessman….who happens to deal in cocaine. This movie covers a lot of really important subjects and if you watch it with a hustler state of mind you will learn a lot. This film covers the art of being a good middleman, on building a team of people that have skills you lack and that you can trust

This movie also covers something that I hold dear and that I wish more entrepreneurs did, that you absolutely, 100%, totally, and in every way, need an exit plan. A plan for something greater than just where you are right now, a vision of where you want to be in five, ten, or even 15 years.


So there you have it.

Six hustle infused movies that are sure to fire you up and get you motivated to tackle the day. I think entrepreneurs need to watch movies like this not just to learn, but also to capture a moment of inspiration. Sure, they also offer you a chance to unplug and destress – but movies can inspire us creatively and in our own hustle duties.

I love a great sales movie. I love any movie that can leave me inspired to tackle the day and everything it throws at me. From the movies above to countless others, I’ve taken inspiration from films time and time again. I mean who hasn’t done a rocky and business movie marathon?

Have you? What movies have inspired you over the last few years? What movies would you recommend to someone who was striving to be a hustler?


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