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June 01, 2018

Uber is a great app.

Airbnb is an awesome app.

Rdio & Spotify are apps that changed my musical experience forever.

But these apps are popular and are in the pocket of pretty much any savvy hustler or professional.

Want to know some apps that most people don’t even know about?

I’m talking about applications that are not only under the radar but have the ability to change your life. Apps that make you more productive, effective, efficient and even able to process content faster.

That’s right. I’m talking about apps that feel like they have given you superpowers.

I have been working online now for over 8 years and there are a lot of programs and extensions that I use to cut down on my workload, increase organization, and reduce the amount of time I spend on tasks I dislike.

In this post, I’m going to share with you a handful of apps and extensions that changed my life and have the potential to change yours. I’m confident that you’ll find at LEAST one of these applications or extensions very helpful. Remember the time you save by learning a new tool can compound in the future to a greater degree.

Let’s get to it.

Here are six applications and extensions for your desktop and phone that can make you feel limitless:

BookMark Manager

I am as organized as the tools I have around me, which is to say that if I don’t have a tool or a system for something it ends up in my circular file. So before I found a bookmark manager my bookmarks were a mess of long, unorganized sites all in a list. As you can imagine this system ended with me having to manually organize my sites or more often than not, never find the things I bookmarked.
Bookmark manager

BookMark Manager (BMM) pops up anytime I bookmark a site and allows me to go through my existing file structure and assign where the site is kept. If I need a new file, it is as easy as creating a new one as I navigate in the extension and create a new folder.

The application will allow you to bookmark and organize content as you go giving you more time to review content and stay productive.

Beyond that, this application allows for you to get over the struggle of having 842 different tabs opened and instead, arm you with a clean and easy to navigate folder system.


If you’re like me, you don’t have the patience to click on a link or embedded image to see a larger version.

Call it lazy or a first world problem, but once you install this extension, you’ll never go back!

It seems like a little thing but every day you’re spending time clicking, loading images, or even navigating away from an article to go visit an image online. With the extension, Imagus all you need to do is place your cursor over the image or link and it pops up into the browser as seen below:


No need to navigate away or load a new tab, the time you save is well spent.

You might be used to this concept if you have ever used HoverZoom (another decent extension) but after review of the code, it was found that HoverZoom dev inserted malware on your computer. And that was a quick way to sell me on why I’d never install this application on my computer.

Saving a click might seem like a silly idea but try it out.

You will find this to be a better way of browsing. Time to time you may find that this experience actually gets in the way but it can be disabled or modified easily.


Of all the applications on this list, Pocket is likely the most popular.

Sometimes I want to view content on my phone or save an article for review when I am on the go and will have time to read (coffee shops, waiting rooms, etc). This is why I use Pocket, I load anything I can read later into it and review it while I am on the go by using the Pocket app on my phone or tablet. I do not use Pocket for content that I need to read right away, this is the content I want to read but maybe isn’t as high a priority as what I need to share that day.

Also if you do any work with responsive design or anything web-based that you want to see on a mobile device you can easily put it into pocket and pull it up, if you are doing a full site review it would be better to use screen mirror program, but if it is something small like a new sign up page to a newsletter, it saves you having to type the URL into multiple devices to do a quick check of the scaling.


I am a slow reader and while I have started to practice speed reading, sometimes I want even more, this is why I use Spreed.

Spreed allows users to highlight the text of an article, right click and up pops the Spreed window. One this pop up appears, you can select how many words you want to Spreed through and at what speed you want the words to pop up on the screen.

See an example of Spreedin action below – Give it a try:

Spreed GifYou may have also noticed that one of the letters is highlighted.

This comes in handy as you expand from one word to two or three as it gives you a point to focus on. This simple change in color allows for reading multiple words at once using peripheral vision.

If you want to learn more about speed reading check out this video from Tim Ferriss that goes over the basics of how to do it without the app:


Snake People

ishti9This one is purely to entertain myself while I work and has nothing to do with productivity. This plugin takes any occurrence or variant of the word “Snake Person” and changes it to “Snake People”!

I have to give a shout out to Product Hunt for this one. As a snake person, I tend to read a lot about other snake people and the trend that are applicable to us. There really is only so many times that I can read the word Snake Person and not want to throw my trackball (yeah, trackball) through a monitor.


I absolutely hate having to take a screenshot and then edit it.

There really is nothing that I find more tedious than how to print screen works, then I found something that solved all my problems; GreenShot.

With this application, you can select the actual region of the screen that you want to capture instead of the whole screen. Beyond that, the screen grab is done in hi-res arming you with a high-quality screenshot that doesn’t require any changes.


Once you have the shot a menu opens (see below) allowing you to save the image, upload it to IMGUR (and have the link auto load into clipboard) or select the program you want to work with the image in. Rather than opening the image in full screen, saving to your clipboard, and then having to edit the image before you can make magic – this feature makes it easy.


Ross’ Snark – This isn’t a problem or an app you need if you’re using a Mac. It’s a default function and one that all Mac lovers take advantage of. There’s a reason why my friend Logan once tweeted, Once you go Mac – You never go back.It’s simply the superior system


With these apps and extensions, you will start to reduce the amount of time you spend doing small or boring tasks. You will benefit from an increased time saving and enjoy reading about the newest trends of the snake people.

Crazy right?!

It’s not. A lot of people think that it’s okay to waste a few seconds here and there but if you wast thousands of seconds a year, it translates into weeks over the course of your life.

Be productive with your time. Hack your life by leveraging apps like these.

Do whatever it takes to get an advantage. Your time is the most valuable thing you own.

Cherish it. Own it. Hack it.


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