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June 02, 2018

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Finding work is one of the biggest challenges for most freelancers.

Unless you’re Marty Kaan or Don Draper, landing new business can be a struggle. It can result in many early mornings writing emails and late nights crafting proposals. It’s these efforts that can cause freelancers to go insane and sometimes even jump back into the 9 to 5 as they struggle to find work.

In this wonderful world of wifi and pixels, it’s easier than ever before to leverage platforms where the leads come to you. Rather than spending hours hunting for new business and responding to RFPs, there are sites made specifically for freelancers that can add hundreds and sometimes thousands of extra dollars to your bottom line each month.

Here are six online platforms where freelancers can find and win new business:



Upwork - Freelance Site

The website formerly known as oDesk or Elance is now Upwork. A platform where freelancers of a variety of different backgrounds and experience can respond to job offers from around the world and make bids on new work. It could be a project where someone is looking for a computer scientist or it could be someone looking for a virtual assistant. The possibilities are endless.


The number of jobs found on freelancer.com is ridiculous. One of the most popular sites on the list, it’s filled with jobs from all over the world and the tasks being requested range from script writing to product development. One unique feature is the contesting element where contractors compete to show their skills when going after different work.


Elance - Freelance Site

It’s one of the easiest sites to hire from and find work on. You can start creating a profile within minutes and start hiring and recruiting talent within the same amount of time. Elance allows you to bid on different projects and also gives you the flexibility to chase work that is either a fixed rate or hourly.


A lot of freelancers think that Fiverr is a place where their skills will be devalued and they’ll never make an honest wage. As Nick Loper points out in his recent blog post, Beyond $5: 5 Fiverr Gigs with High Average Order Values, Fiverr can actually deliver thousands of dollars to a freelancers pocket. The key is to understand your service, the market as a whole and embracing the upsell.


99 Designs - Freelance Site

One of our personal favorites for freelance designers, 99designs is a competition based platform that arms companies and individuals with the ability to post a project and have designers compete for the final prize. Beyond the competitions, there is a functionality within 99designs where designers can be hired to do work one-on-one.


Crew is a platform for designers and developers who are looking to work on interesting problems like app development and website creation. There aren’t as many projects on Crew as some of the other sites on this list but the quality in terms of how much you can earn is often higher.

Wrapping Up

We live in a world where you can hire someone as far away as Kazakhstan do help out with a project with little to no issue. For you, this means you have the ability to capitalize on this globalization of talent and generate business not only from your own country but also capture business from clients around the world.

Technologies like Skype, Google Docs and Slack have made easier than ever to work from anywhere. You can write, code, build, design or even do a voice-over from your very own home. The sites above are great resources that every freelancer should consider as an option to increase the number of leads coming through their funnel and possibly an opportunity to increase their profits and revenue.

What other sites do you use to generate business? How do you get new business in your industry? Do you use sites like those above or take other tactics and strategies into consideration?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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