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How 22 Successful Companies Hustled For Their First Customers

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It’s hard to imagine successful companies struggling to acquire customers. We see the successes with their hordes of fans and we think, “Wow, they’re so lucky. They have it good.” Yet every single behemoth in existence once had to court its first customer. In this post, we feature some of these stories. You’ll find in them… Read more

5 Things To Do Before You Write Your Own Book

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In the past two years, I have gone from being a coffee shop writer, to having had articles published in TIME, Inc, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and more. I am a Top Writer on Quora with over 9,000,000 article views. And I am a columnist for Inc Magazine. And now I’m about… Read more

Why Waking Up At 5AM Is A Cheat Code To Life & Success

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Life hacks are provided in abundance in today’s clamorous digital world – a world riddled with audio books, TED talks, and self-proclaimed gurus dishing out information on every subject. It’s an era of constant feedback – and it’s all great. But few life hacks are as life-changing as waking up early. De facto, the moment you… Read more

Five Reasons To Wake Up An Hour Earlier

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Real work happens in silence. The reason why so many people are unproductive is because they attempt to do their most difficult tasks in the middle of the day. They try to dive into deep thought while surrounded by coworkers, or after a full day at the office, or at the end of the day… Read more

Coffee 101: A Beginners Guide to Great Coffee

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I first started getting into coffee when I was a waiter at a french bistro here in Halifax. It was the first time I had gone from making drip coffee to making espressos, lattes, americanos and became a full fledged coffee addict. At this point I was consuming multiple cups of espresso and high quality… Read more

Can Coffee Make You a Genius? A Scientific Answer

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If you, with mind untroubled, Would flourish, day-by-day, Let each day of the seven Find coffee on your tray. It will your frame preserve from every malady Its virtues drive afar la! la! Migraine and dread catarrh – ha! ha! Dull cold and lethargy. [1] Audiences were appalled in 1732 when Johan Sebastian Bach created… Read more

12 ways to Inspire yourself to act on your Idea

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You read a book. Or a blog. You come across a line that excites you. It spurs a line of thought in your mind, activating all the neurons and lighting up a part of your brain. You highlight it. You pursue the thought process triggered by it. The new thought goes and bombards with concepts… Read more

Going 0 to 100: The Grande Success Of Howard Schultz

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Started. Started. Started from the Bottom. Now we here. Welcome to Hustle and Grind’s 0 to 100 series, where we will cover a number of bonafide hustlers, entrepreneurs, and inventors on a (hopefully) weekly basis. The ‘here’ may change, whether it’s the Forbes list, heading Fortune 500 Companies or pure financial independence but the drive… Read more