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Why You Should Take A Day To Be Productively Unproductive

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  Ah, productivity. We have yet to crack the code. Are we really so bad at being productive that we must science it? Yes. ‘How do I stay productive?’ is the only question asked more times than ‘Who shot Tupac Shakur?’ Ok, I may be exaggerating… with the Tupac thing, but productivity hacks are no… Read more

Why Your Day Job Is Your Secret Side Hustle Advantage

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  So, I’m coming out. My side hustle is going to stay a side hustle.  And I like it that way. I work in Quality Control for a large healthcare and diagnostics company with a heavy focus on women’s health. Close to 80% of the U.S. blood supply is tested using my company’s technologies. In… Read more

5 Ways to Instantly Stand Out Above Other Freelancers

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  Through my experiences working in the corporate world, I realized something incredible. That 80% of people in the professional world are either incompetent or lazy. 80% of people are just plain unreliable when it comes to getting things done. When I started freelancing, I realized the exact same thing. The vast majority of freelancers… Read more

10 Reasons Why Tech Entrepreneurs Make Successful Authors

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  1. They’re action-oriented Being a tech entrepreneur is hard work (think: excessive time commitments, constant mental acuity, boatloads of stress, etc.). In part, because of how quickly internet technologies are evolving, tech entrepreneurs understand that to stay on top of the heap you have to remain alert and always be ready to act. Technologies… Read more

Stop Wasting Time By Using These 4 Tools

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  Part of the hustle is making sure that you manage your time, but what does that actually mean? Managing your time always seemed to be like telling someone to be confident, if you don’t know how to do it you need more. When you know what goes into the whole package of confidence or… Read more

10 Stories To Help You Achieve A Work/Life Balance

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  Oh, work/life balance. It’s one of those terms that is everywhere now and with good reason – a lot of people struggle with it whether they’re aware of it or not. The highly successful people who put everything into their work only to find, sometimes too late, that their health or personal life suffer…. Read more

Going For Your First Raise? Here’s What You Need To Know

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  It’s a misnomer that there’s some perfect recipe to getting investment money for your startup. Bad products get funded all the time, while good products fly under investors’ radars. There’s no secret sauce for getting funded. There’s no perfect pitch length, no ideal deck length, and no single one-sheet that will seal the deal…. Read more

31 Great Tools That Every Freelance Writer Should Try

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The struggles of being a freelance writer are real. Outside the confines of an office job, they are left to their own devices. While it is this very freedom and flexibly that lead many to take on the lifestyle of a freelance writer, the daily pressures of being your own boss can require a hefty… Read more