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3 Social Media Productivity Tools That Every Entrepreneur Needs

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You know what’s hard about running a business? You will never have enough time. It’s the one thing you’re constantly up against. Whether it’s having enough time to finish a project or enough time to spend with family; the balance of your schedule when running a business is one of the hardest things. We’ve written… Read more

Time-Management Success Checklist

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Last week I started work every morning at 4 a.m. One day I was in Denver, the next day I was in Chino Hills, California, the day after that I was in Orange County, and then I finished my work week in beautiful Santa Monica in a hotel room overlooking the ocean. Even though I… Read more

How Elon Musk Became The Real Life Iron Man

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  Superheroes aren’t real, right? Other than those few brave/crazy folks who choose to patrol and attempt to protect certain city streets in their homemade outfits – we know that superheroes are only something out of comic books, movies and television shows. Often all three in this day and age. So there’s not really a… Read more

21 Quotes on Learning From Mistakes

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Success is like an iceberg. When you look at it from water-level all you see is the peak but, when you look beneath the surface, you see the true mass that creates the awe-inspiring final product. When you see success or successful people all you are seeing is the peak and you are not seeing… Read more

3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Productivity

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  Embrace the truth. You always have a feeling that you are lacking time. Frankly speaking, we all wish we had more time. Indeed, every once in a while it seems like time literally flies and you end up wondering where it all has gone. It is especially the case when you work on your… Read more

How to Master Self Discipline Once and For All

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  Regardless of what your goals are in this life; self-discipline is the one key trait that will help you to achieve them. In a 2013 study, Wilhelm Hofmann discovered that people with a higher degree of self-control are happier and more content with their lives as a whole. The subjects in Hofmann’s study were… Read more

10 Stories to help you achieve a Work/Life Balance

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  Oh, work/life balance. It’s one of those terms that is everywhere now and with good reason – a lot of people struggle with it whether they’re aware of it or not. The highly successful people who put everything into their work only to find, sometimes too late, that their health or personal life suffer…. Read more

5 Ways to Boost Sales - Without Selling your Soul

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One of my favorite clients (OK, they’re all my favorites, but I love this guy!) scheduled a ‘get acquainted call’ after reading my Sales Techniques for People Who Hate Selling post for Freelancer’s Union. He realized that if he was going to create the business he wanted, he needed to refine his message and sales… Read more

3 Reasons The Stories You Tell Matter

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  I love telling stories. Even if it’s just fiction. Every day when I walk to work and I see different “characters” on the street. I always make up stories about them. For instance, the homeless man who hangs out on the corner in front of my office – I’ve named him James. He was… Read more