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Stop Prioritizing and Start Automating

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Maximize your productivity through automation, not prioritization. It’s amazing to me how enamored working professionals and communities at large are with to-do lists. There always seems to be a new app claiming to have solved society’s productivity dilemma with better ways to prioritize tasks. I think that as a society we’re generally busier than any… Read more

How to Stay Productive When You’re Self-Employed

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  There are a lot of perks that come from being your own boss — but motivation isn’t always one of them. When you’re a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, self-discipline is imperative, and in some cases hard to come by. There’s no boss breathing down your neck or holding you accountable; you’re the boss,… Read more

6 Ways To Always Follow Through With Your Goals

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There is a reason so few people succeed—not just in becoming some huge worldwide superstar or billionaire tech entrepreneur. It’s astounding how many people actually struggle to achieve even the simplest of goals: waking up on the first alarm, reading a book a month, or even maintaining a steady sleep or gym schedule.  People have no… Read more

The $25,000 Productivity Hack

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  99 years ago Ivy Lee walked through the doors of Bethlehem Steel. 15 minutes later he walked out, having earned $25,000 for his time ($400,000 in today’s dollars). The information he shared with Charles M. Schwab was said to be the most profitable piece of advice the CEO had ever received. What could possibly… Read more

3 Things Kanye West Can Teach You About Personal Branding

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  Since the release of his first studio album College Dropout in 2004 Kanye West has become a household name across America and a beacon of hope for millennial artist and esoteric teens world wide. While the source of his antics are debatable and his self righteous rants are often met with disregard one thing… Read more

The Entrepreneur's Guide to a Daily Writing Habit

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You can be an entrepreneur and have a great writing habit. Wait, what? That’s right. You can own a business, be married, have kids, and drink 12 cups of coffee an day and STILL have a great writing habit that can help promote your hustle! But how? Very carefully.  Most entrepreneurs will never know what… Read more

6 Things Startup Founders Should Do to Avoid Burnout

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Burning out sucks. We’ve all been there. You’ve been there. I’ve been there. But there’s definitely a way to avoid burnout and ensure that you’re constantly running at 100%. Do you know some people who seem like they’re always shipping products? Always shipping code? Always launching blog posts? Do these people know something you don’t? Some… Read more

The Psychology Behind a Messy Office, Why Creativity Thrives There

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Einstein once said: ‘If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?’ Being “highly organized” is one of the most common skills listed on the resumes of job applications across all industries. Society often associates organizational skills with being successful while associating disorganization to carelessness and… Read more