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Shift Your Mindset By Saying Less of These Four Things

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  The ball rocketed into the air, took a definite left turn, and crashed down into the water with a sickening: *Splash* My dad and I were on the 11th hole, and I was practicing for an upcoming golf tournament. The day’s work wasn’t exactly going well. “UGH! I suck!” I slammed my club into the… Read more

Don't Stop Believing: A Path Towards Failure

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It’s a mantra that I’m sure you’ve heard a million times. “Believe in yourself.” It’s also a crock of shit. It’s not that it’s not true. It is. Every story of entrepreneurial greatness involves someone who saw a problem and believed that they had a way to solve the problem. Without that belief, their idea… Read more

4 Winter Marketing Ideas For Getting Some Winter Sales

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of winter. The warm drinks, cozy sweaters, pretty snow, it truly is a great season. And while you’re stuck inside avoiding the frostbite of the negative temperatures outside, it only makes sense to work on your winter marketing strategy. With an abundance of hot coffee… Read more

What Every Startup Office Needs & Wants For 2018

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Every office has a wishlist and then a must-have list. The thing with a lot of these lists is they’re often lengthy and expensive, and because of that they never get checked off! So those lists just got condensed into a short list of the needs and wants for every startup office once 2018 rolls… Read more

The Must Have Office Posters For Any Startup In 2018

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2018 is coming up real fast, which means a fresh start for everyone. With that fresh start, why not invest in some new decorations to liven up your office space? Whether you’re starting with a new office, you’re in tech, writing, or graphic design, wall art is an important motivational design choice to keep the… Read more

Why Your Day Job Is Your Secret Side Hustle Advantage

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  So, I’m coming out. My side hustle is going to stay a side hustle.  And I like it that way. I work in Quality Control for a large healthcare and diagnostics company with a heavy focus on women’s health. Close to 80% of the U.S. blood supply is tested using my company’s technologies. In… Read more

5 Ways to Instantly Stand Out Above Other Freelancers

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  Through my experiences working in the corporate world, I realized something incredible. That 80% of people in the professional world are either incompetent or lazy. 80% of people are just plain unreliable when it comes to getting things done. When I started freelancing, I realized the exact same thing. The vast majority of freelancers… Read more