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5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline

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    Success is only the result of a strong will and self-discipline. When you have the habit of being self-indulgent and procrastinating, becoming disciplined can get be a tough task. Gaining a new habit can be really hard and maintaining it even harder. But don’t worry, the first and most important step was done… Read more

The $25,000 Productivity Hack

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  99 years ago Ivy Lee walked through the doors of Bethlehem Steel. 15 minutes later he walked out, having earned $25,000 for his time ($400,000 in today’s dollars). The information he shared with Charles M. Schwab was said to be the most profitable piece of advice the CEO had ever received. What could possibly… Read more

3 Things Kanye West Can Teach You About Personal Branding

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  Since the release of his first studio album College Dropout in 2004 Kanye West has become a household name across America and a beacon of hope for millennial artist and esoteric teens world wide. While the source of his antics are debatable and his self righteous rants are often met with disregard one thing… Read more

Yoda Is Full of Shit: Everyday I'm Trying

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  The other day I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with a local entrepreneur in the ideation stage of her business. She’s working out details about her target market and to a certain extent her offerings. At one point she said, “I’m going to take the next year to try to get this… Read more

Your $10,000 Product File…(Hint: You already have it)

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  You have an information product that people want, you just need to find it, package it and sell it. Trust me, it’s easier than you think. For example, what do your friends or family tell you’re good at? What challenges have you faced and conquered? Over time have you learned new skills? These are… Read more

How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

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  Every December, people get the New Year Buzz, the short-lived but wonderful burst of inspiration in which life is re-evaluated and goals are set. People rush to the stores to grab journals and agendas, on a mission to change their life. Fired up, they want to lose weight, date again, start a business, and… Read more

Why You Should ALWAYS Pursue Your Highest Joy

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“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past” Jack London. As a graduation gift to myself, I decided to get my ninth tattoo. Just like scars, every tattoo has a story and is a representation of life’s journey. I’ve always told myself that I would never… Read more

4 Ways an Art Degree Helped Me Succeed in Business

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  As someone who works in the corporate sector with an art degree, I often find myself under-represented, underappreciated or disrespected for such an educational choice. I’m here to speak up, to change the perceptions that surround us “crazy weirdo art kids” because with only a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting I’ve managed to… Read more

How to Reach Your Highest Potential by Reverse Engineering

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“People usually don’t focus on habits because goals sound much sexier in our minds” – Mark Manson. It happens every January, new year and new me. Ironic that the new year usually brings along with it many unfulfilled resolutions. Even though we all make goals to strive for in the new year ahead, more times… Read more

21 Quotes on Learning From Mistakes

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Success is like an iceberg. When you look at it from water-level all you see is the peak but, when you look beneath the surface, you see the true mass that creates the awe-inspiring final product. When you see success or successful people all you are seeing is the peak and you are not seeing… Read more