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27 Instagram Captions For Hustlers Working Late

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Death Before Decaf mug available at our shop!   Who here has worked a late night? How about an overnighter? I know 100% I have multiple times. There’s something about working by lamplight that just gets you focused and puts you in work mode. Grabbing that midnight brew and working until your eyes blur over… Read more

21 Quotes on Learning From Mistakes

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Success is like an iceberg. When you look at it from water-level all you see is the peak but, when you look beneath the surface, you see the true mass that creates the awe-inspiring final product. When you see success or successful people all you are seeing is the peak and you are not seeing… Read more

Your $10,000 Product File…(Hint: You Already Have It)

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You have an information product that people want, you just need to find it, package it and sell it. Trust me, it’s easier than you think. For example, what do your friends or family tell you’re good at? What challenges have you faced and conquered? Over time have you learned new skills? These are all… Read more

Six Strategies For Self Care That You Can Actually Keep

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Six Strategies For Self Care That You Can Actually Keep You’re a busy bee. You have a thousand things to do, with a million things overdue. I get that. But let’s take a step back and talk about you. Self-care. The term gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? Self-care means think… Read more

How to Increase Your Self-Confidence & Trust in Yourself

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  There was a time when I didn’t know what self-confidence was. But I didn’t know that I didn’t know what self-confidence was. I thought being awkward, anxious and unsure of myself was totally normal. Now that I’m in a new stage of my life (recent college grad, heyo), I’ve been thinking about confidence a lot lately…. Read more

The 5 Essential Ingredients of Success

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Success is a tricky word that can have as many definitions as people in the world. For some people success is being wealthy and owning expensive things, for others it’s having a family and being happy. Whatever the meaning this word might have for you or what you plan on achieving in your life, there… Read more

10 Simple (Yet Powerful) Ways to Increase Your Productivity

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“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” — Bruce Lee Being more productive in your life and work doesn’t have to be difficult. By making a few simple changes to your lifestyle and habits, you can work and create more efficiently, confidently and regularly. Here are ten… Read more

10 Reasons Why Tech Entrepreneurs Make Successful Authors

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1. They’re action-oriented Being a tech entrepreneur is hard work (think: excessive time commitments, constant mental acuity, boatloads of stress, etc.). In part, because of how quickly internet technologies are evolving, tech entrepreneurs understand that to stay on top of the heap you have to remain alert and always be ready to act. Technologies that… Read more

How To Maximize Your Time And Achieve Your Dreams

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Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash Do you feel like you are drowning in the midst of many activities and you can’t come up for air? You have a day job. Besides this, you need to think about your health, finances, relationships and God forbid you don’t call your mum every day to say hello. When you add… Read more

5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline

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  Success is only the result of a strong will and self-discipline. When you have the habit of being self-indulgent and procrastinating, becoming disciplined can get be a tough task. Gaining a new habit can be really hard and maintaining it even harder. But don’t worry, the first and most important step was done when… Read more

The $25,000 Productivity Hack

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  99 years ago Ivy Lee walked through the doors of Bethlehem Steel. 15 minutes later he walked out, having earned $25,000 for his time ($400,000 in today’s dollars). The information he shared with Charles M. Schwab was said to be the most profitable piece of advice the CEO had ever received. What could possibly… Read more