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Getting Acquired: Lessons Learned

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On January 30th, 2015 the company that I co-founded, Aurelius, got acquired by DataStax. It was the first time that I negotiated and executed an acquisition of substantial size (>$1M) and this post summarizes the lessons I learned in the process [¹].     First, let me give you some context on the acquisition. Aurelius… Read more

5 Ways to Boost Sales - Without Selling your Soul

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One of my favorite clients (OK, they’re all my favorites, but I love this guy!) scheduled a ‘get acquainted call’ after reading my Sales Techniques for People Who Hate Selling post for Freelancer’s Union. He realized that if he was going to create the business he wanted, he needed to refine his message and sales… Read more

Five Reasons Your Business Will Fail

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Failure is a choice. Let’s not sugar coat the truth. Most businesses fail due to owners who don’t make wise, conscious decisions to succeed on a daily basis — right from the beginning. Through much research and years of experience, here are 5 reasons your business will fail: 1. You’re not hungry. If you’re not… Read more

How to Choose the Right Type of Mentor for your Startup

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Over the past few days, I was attending several mentoring sessions, part of the open startup days we conducted at my company, EVC Ventures. New and aspiring entrepreneurs were invited for free mentoring and experiencing the culture of profitable startups working their way out. At the end, they were invited to ask specific questions to… Read more

How to Choose Your Perfect Side Business

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Ready to start your own thing? Stuck trying to decide which of your ideas you should pursue? Trying to figure out which one is best? Well, guess what? There are NO perfect business ideas. Ok. So, you probably already knew that. But, even with this knowledge, so many would-be side hustlers still get caught up… Read more

Lebron Vs Steph - The Brand Battle

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Handle your business. — Under Armour Hoops (@UAbasketball) May 31, 2016 Current Mood: On a mission. #BringYourGame — Nike Basketball (@nikebasketball) May 28, 2016   The  Golden State Warriors’ improbable record-setting 73-9 regular season was potentially topped with a Western Conference Finals come back from a 3-1 deficit. Now the NBA Finals are… Read more

If you Can't Join em, Beat em - Hustle Links of the Week

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We here at Hustle and Grind try to read as much as possible. Whether it’s books, blogs, articles, newsletters or our Chinese take-out fortunes. Inspired by our love of consuming all we can (lessons learned from Chinese take out) we are putting together a weekly amuse bouche (sounds fancy) of what we think are must-read… Read more