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Going For Your First Raise? Here’s What You Need To Know

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  It’s a misnomer that there’s some perfect recipe to getting investment money for your startup. Bad products get funded all the time, while good products fly under investors’ radars. There’s no secret sauce for getting funded. There’s no perfect pitch length, no ideal deck length, and no single one-sheet that will seal the deal…. Read more

Seven Questions You Should Ask During A Job Interview

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You’re scheduled for an interview with a company you really want to work with but have no idea what to expect. How do you leave a good impression on the interviewee? How do you make the person interview you know that you’re more than just interested in the job? How do you show them that… Read more

How To Be A Legend (Four Ways To Leave A Legacy)

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“Oh my God, oh my God. If I die, I’m a legend. Oh my God, oh my God. If I die, I’m a legend.”  — Drake, “Legend” Drake has broken The Beatles’ record on Billboard Hot 100, and in just five years, he has the most number one songs on the Hip Hop/R&B Billboard. We… Read more

Five Rules Every Hungry Sales Professional Should Live By

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In a world with endless information at our fingertips and more product options that we know what to do with, sales professionals are up against more than just the competition. Today’s buyers aren’t just looking for the best product. They want the best product, the best customer experience, an accessible and personal company, a relationship… Read more

Six Epic Business Lessons You Can Take from Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is one of the largest names in business today. Musk is the founder of four unique companies including PayPal, Tesla Motors and the aptly named SpaceX. He is the current CEO of the latter two companies which are among the most innovative companies out there today. Musk has drawn comparisons to the likes… Read more

Getting Acquired: Lessons Learned

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On January 30th, 2015 the company that I co-founded, Aurelius, got acquired by DataStax. It was the first time that I negotiated and executed an acquisition of substantial size (>$1M) and this post summarizes the lessons I learned in the process [¹].     First, let me give you some context on the acquisition. Aurelius… Read more

5 Ways to Boost Sales - Without Selling your Soul

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One of my favorite clients (OK, they’re all my favorites, but I love this guy!) scheduled a ‘get acquainted call’ after reading my Sales Techniques for People Who Hate Selling post for Freelancer’s Union. He realized that if he was going to create the business he wanted, he needed to refine his message and sales… Read more

Five Reasons Your Business Will Fail

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Failure is a choice. Let’s not sugar coat the truth. Most businesses fail due to owners who don’t make wise, conscious decisions to succeed on a daily basis — right from the beginning. Through much research and years of experience, here are 5 reasons your business will fail: 1. You’re not hungry. If you’re not… Read more