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What Every Startup Office Needs & Wants For 2018

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Every office has a wishlist and then a must-have list. The thing with a lot of these lists is they’re often lengthy and expensive, and because of that they never get checked off! So those lists just got condensed into a short list of the needs and wants for every startup office once 2018 rolls… Read more

Going For Your First Raise? Here’s What You Need To Know

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  It’s a misnomer that there’s some perfect recipe to getting investment money for your startup. Bad products get funded all the time, while good products fly under investors’ radars. There’s no secret sauce for getting funded. There’s no perfect pitch length, no ideal deck length, and no single one-sheet that will seal the deal…. Read more

Good CEOs Aren’t Busy

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How to grow from a 5 person company to a 500 person company. “Once you build out your executive team you’ll have so much time on your hands you won’t know what to do with yourself!” said one of our investors. We’d just raised our $20M series B for Bigcommerce in 2012 and upon hearing… Read more

How 22 Successful Companies Hustled For Their First Customers

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It’s hard to imagine successful companies struggling to acquire customers. We see the successes with their hordes of fans and we think, “Wow, they’re so lucky. They have it good.” Yet every single behemoth in existence once had to court its first customer. In this post, we feature some of these stories. You’ll find in them… Read more

Five Marketing Tactics to Grow Traffic with No Audience

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  Are you starting a niche authority site or operating a small start-up? When launching a new venture, it can be hard to gain traction without a large email list, established community or thriving social media group. Here are five ways (some quickies, some long-term strategies) to increase traffic when you’re first starting out and… Read more

How You Can Become Better through Community

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Community and Habit I grew up on a small street where most of the people on the street had lived for a long time. We waved to each other, would pull over and talk if we were driving down and saw someone, and always looked out for the area. New people would on occasion move… Read more