Hustle and Grind's Ryan Holiday Giveaway Winners

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We at Hustle and Grind love to read and love new books. So when Ryan Holiday’s new book was announced, we jumped at the chance to host a contest with Ryan and his publishers to give away all of his books. If you weren’t lucky enough to be a winner, you can still check out Ryan’s newest book Ego is the Enemy which is now available.

Now that the contest has closed and all the winners have been wrangled up and notified, we can announce them below:

SIGNED copy of Trust Me, I’m Lying:

Montague Chacón, Albuquerque, NM
Holiday_Trust Me I'm Lying_9781591845539
SIGNED copy of Growth Hacker Marketing:
Ruth Nineke, Kew Gardens, NY
SIGNED copy of The Obstacle is the Way:
Mariah Powers, Destin, FL
SIGNED copy of Ego is the Enemy:
Nicole Crozier, Kingston ON
EgoIsTheEnemy_final jacket
Ryan Holiday Book package:
Christopher Rimes, Spring Valley, CA
Congratulations to the winners! We won’t lie, we’re a little jealous! Your books are currently on the way to you using Amazon drones or perhaps just regular mail/courier If you didn’t win this time around, we’ll have more contests on the way.
Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play. So you don’t miss a contest like this again make sure to sign up for the Hustle Weekly below, follow us Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
Heck, follow us on all of them for your daily hustle inspiration, check out our store to see what we might give away next, and remember to keep hustling!
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