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We here at Hustle and Grind try to read as much as possible. Whether it’s books, blogs, articles, newsletters or our Chinese take-out fortunes. Inspired by our love of consuming all we can (lessons learned from Chinese take out) we are putting together a weekly amuse bouche (sounds fancy) of what we think are must-read articles to catch you up on all there is in the world of Hustle. Read them all, Spreed them all or just look at the titles and get the gist.


  • The end of May means a lot of new graduates have been tossing their caps up all over the globe, but before doing so and venturing off into the world, they first receive some words of wisdom in the form of a commencement address. There have been a number of great commencement addresses in history, from JFK to Steve Jobs to David Foster Wallace, so if you’re looking for inspiration we have put together a list of the 15 best commencement speeches you can find on YouTube.
  • Speaking of graduation, one thing you can never know enough about is money management. With the rates of pay as they are and record student debt in North America, Forbes has 5 money managing tips to help new graduates ball out on a budget.
  • Part of any budget whether for a student, new grad or business is to stay lean without sacrificing too much in terms of utility or overall quality for yourself or your customers. Here are 10 resources to help you grow a lean startup.
  • How important is a logo to a business? Gary Vee offers his two cents on the matter.
  • In the search for happiness, you will often have much more success looking within then looking elsewhere. Prsuit has the four questions you can ask yourself to become happier.
  • So you just sold your company for a nice $1.8 billion sum. What do you do next? If you’re Paul English, you become an Uber driver. 
  • Twitter may be having problems with user growth lately, however, there are still over 300 million active users on the platform to market to. Hubspot has the 10 best brands on Twitter and why they are so successful. Hint – it’s all about customer service.
  • Business Insider has a new publication on the 13 best pieces of career advice for a life on Wall Street. 
  • Also from Business Insider, the new tech wars, how Google vs Amazon is the new Apple vs. Microsoft.
  • Billionaire investor Chris Sacca went on record and predicted Mark Cuban would one day become the President of the United States, while we’re far from making such a statement we did find Inc’s 8 Cuban quotes that show off his business acumen.
  • In 2016 entrepreneurs come in all forms, hoodie-casual, in a suit and even hirsute. Check out how a bearded-20 something quickly built two successful viral business.
  • Remember, if you can’t join them, beat them. Here’s how a 29-year old that was rejected by 35 potential employers went on to found a $1 billion startup.
  • Ross Simmonds is the co-founder of Hustle and Grind, Crate and an online strategist. If there’s one person to help guide you through Instagram, it’s him. That’s why Ross has put together the 4 best tactics to help you and your business survive the Instagram algorithm update.

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Video of the week. Sticking with the commencement speech theme, check out director Steven Spielberg’s commencement address at Harvard from this past weekend.

Have suggestions or an article you’d love to see on the Hustle Links of the Week? Don’t just sit there, let us know! We’re far from perfect, we try to read everything we can but we miss things from time to time and it’s why we need your help. So if there’s something you’ve written, read or saw Tweeted only to open and find the article a tad too long for your morning commute, don’t bookmark it, write to us! We love stuff like that, writers@hustleandgrind.co.

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