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Posts goin’ up on a Tuesday.

Choosing what articles to read or videos to watch online can be as hard as deciding what to order at a new restaurant. Everything looks and sounds so good but you want the make the right choice. So rather than scouring the internet piece-by-piece, Hustle and Grind is putting together a weekly amuse bouche (sounds fancy) of what we think are must-read articles to catch you up on all there is in the world of Hustle. Read them all, Spreed them all or just look at the titles and get the gist.


If you’re tired after all of that, check out our Hustle Blend to keep you alert for all your reading.

The (definitely NSFW) video of the week comes from Elon Musk’s deleted tweet, celebrating SpaceX’s successful landing of a rocket on a drone. Personally, we think it’s rather fitting.

Have suggestions or an article you’d love to see on the Hustle Links of the Week? Don’t just sit there, let us know! We’re far from perfect, we try to read everything we can but we miss things from time to time and it’s why we need your help. So if there’s something you’ve written, read or saw Tweeted only to open and find the article a tad too long for your morning commute, don’t bookmark it, write to us! We love stuff like that,


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