SPOILERS: July Hustle Box Delivered - A Look Inside The Box!

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Ok, Hustlers.

Our 3rd box of hustle has been sent out!

You may not have subscribed yet and that is fine we’re not mad, you only missed out on a really awesome box.. Here’s a picture from one of our subscribers Tina:

If you are tired of just getting boring mail then take it to the next level by joining the Hustle Team and subscribing for a monthly box of hustle. Each box is filled with swag, a 12oz bag of coffee, content that will help you level up and get closer to achieving your dreams.

What was inside the June Hustle Box??


You are gonna have to click the read more button to find out!

Hustle & Grind Subscription Box - July



A Delicious Bag Of Hendrix Blend from Jimmy’s Coffee in Toronto!

We had to go for something memorable and with this blend we most certainly did. We spend months in advance looking for the coolest and best tasting coffee roasters from around the world and this month we found a Canadian brand that surely embodies everything it means to hustle!

Anytime Ross or I are in Toronto we make time to hit up one of Jimmy’s three locations and the Hendrix blend is without question our favourite.

The Hendrix blend is a blend of Guatemalan, Mexican, Colombian and Brazilian beans all working in harmony to create something really special. With a fantastic mouth feel and a rich flavor you really missed out on this one. Keep an eye on our Instagram as we have a couple bags left over that we will be giving away in the next couple days.

Hustle Pencils

Hustle Pencils

While most people are 100% glued to their keyboards and touchscreens, some of us still embrace a good ol pencil and pad.

We reached out to the folks over at Breakout Press Co. to get these handmade gold foil pencils! We might live in a digital age but there are few things as satisfying as putting pencil to paper and jotting down ideas and sketching out visuals. These serve as a constant reminder while you work to be about your hustle! Be sure to check out Break for more hustle inspired and handcrafted goods.


Emoji StickersEmoji Stickers

We try and put something light and fun in each box and this month is no exception.

This month we sent each one of our subscribers a few pages of Emoji Stickers. We wanted to bring back those memories of stickers on note books and just get a little silly! These are now all over my office as we had a few sheets left over.


But Wait There's MoreThat more is a great book for any entrepreneur, Frank Partnoy’s “Wait – The Art & Science of Delay”.

Frank has been a law professor at U of San Diedo since 1997, as expert writer on matters of markets, investing and written for the New York Times and the Financial times.

In “Wait” we see an examination of waiting until the last moment to make your decision, on waiting until you have a balance between the need to act and all possible information you can gather. So much of the business and start up world is focused on speed, on making quick decisions and going with your gut. Wait shows us the benefits of procrastination, and no I don’t mean how most of us passed our finals when in university.


Want To Win Some Coffee?

Of course you do, it’s delicious!

We made sure to order some extra coffee this month, understandably where this is Ross’s favorite blend it took some convincing but we will not be drinking it all ourselves.

We will be giving away a few bags on instagram and to those of you who are subscribed to the Hustle Weekly!

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