SPOILERS: November Hustle Box Delivered - A Look Inside The Box!

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Ok, Hustlers.

Our 7th box of hustle has been sent out!

This post is late but the boxes weren’t

If you haven’t signed up yet you don’t realize what you are missing, each month we hand select items that we think will engage the hustler. A skill or hustle based item or two, a 12oz bag of delicious coffee, always a few extras!

Keep reading to see what you missed!


Mr. Tea

We know that not every hustler is as married to coffee as we are so this month we wanted to try something a little different. We picked up a few Mr. Teas from FRED for the tea fans out there, this little can be filled with you favorite loose tea and hung on the rim of any mug to steep.

Assam Black Tea

image5We couldn’t give you a Mr. Tea and not send you some awesome tea. We reached out to the folks over at World Tea House here in NS to get you some delicious Indian Black Tea with a nice kick of caffeine. This is an organic CTC (crush, torn, curled) grade Assam and has a fantastic malty flavor.


Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

image6We are huge Ryan Holiday fans at HG and have had more than a few of you have written to ask us about how to market your company. This is a small book that will have a big impact on the way you view marketing.

Thumb Wrestling Mug


If you hadn’t noticed yet, we have a thing for silly or motivational mugs! We want you to have a whole rotation of mugs to keep you motivated and and entertained while you are on the hustle.


Caffè Artigiano: El Salvador Finca

Label - Private Reserve Espresso Decaf - Front JPG VERSION FOR WWe reached out to Caffè Artigiano in Burnaby, BC for this months delicious bag of productivity. This blend comes from El Salvador and with it’s aroma of toffee and notes of caramel and milk chocolate this is a fantastic cup of coffee to be enjoyed all day or along with desert. I almost kept these for the office but couldn’t deprive you all.

Coffee Stencils

image8We sent out a different mix of silicon coffee stencils so that you would be able to decorate your coffee. These are a fantastic way to make office coffee a little more interesting.


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