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If you’re reading this post, it’s because you already signed up for Hustle & Grind. We really appreciate you taking the first step to taking your hustle to the next level and are excited to hear you’re interested in creating an army of hustlers around you.

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One of my favourite quotes was first heard on a night in on the West Coast of Canada in the green fields of Alberta. I remember like it was yesterday as the night sky rolled in and a handful of horses galloped through a crowd of kids at Summer Camp. One of the kids thought it would be a good idea to throw a rock at one of the horses and accidently hit the Cowboy or at least, that’s what he looked like square in the head. It wasn’t a huge rock – it was probably the size of Goldfish cracker. The man trotted over towards the boy and asked him why he did it.. The boy stood there silent. He then looked at me and asked if the boy next to me was my friend. I said yes…

He responded,

By telling someone he is your friend – People will judge who you are.

That moment stuck with me for my entire life. So why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because I’m sure you have some friends who you want to see become successful. You have some friends who you probably feel just need a little boost to achieve their dreams. We’re here to help and these templates will likely do the trick in convincing them to join the Hustle & Grind Team:

Email Template

Hey [Insert Friend Name Here],

Ok, so I’ll keep this quick but I had to pass along this new site I came across. It’s a entrepreneur-lifestyle company that sends you a box every month filled with entrepreneurship and hustle inspired gizmos, gadgets, coupons, books and coffee. It’s pretty sick – Anyways, I’m signing up and thought you might be interested in signing up too – Check it out: [Insert Referral Link Here]

Talk Soon,

Your Name

Facebook or LinkedIn Status Template

A wise man once said, things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle. Check out Hustle & Grind – A new subscription service with a limited time promo where you can stay caffeinated and keep hustling for free.. [Insert Referral Link Here]

Snapchat Template

Just send a Snap to your while you’re working and the hashtag: #HustleNeverStops..

This is what we call the hustle guilt trip.

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Erik Young

This is a great idea. Look forward to what’s in store. Keep Hustling !


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