The Beginning of Hustle & Grind: It all started with Coffee

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I sat waiting to meet with a friend, he was coming from a series of meetings and I had come from the office of the startup I worked for and had to head to a meeting right after the coffee. We were working on a presentation for a group of Med students, Undergraduates, Masters and PHD’s.

While we built the slide-deck Ross opened a folder on his Mac to show me, it was just a logo back then, an H and a G with Hustle + Grind written under it. “Hey, you might like this” he said as he turned the screen more so I could see it, he said he was working on a new project but for now he only had a logo and an idea.

Logo copy

It was more than a logo now..

It would be months before I was asked to a second coffee, working in this industry you don’t see your friends as often as you would like, and even less when they do it too. All Ross had said when he asked me to coffee was that he wanted to go over something.

We sat down at the same coffee shop but this time while I was working at the 9 to 5 I was also back in school learning computer programming. As usual Ross was coming from a string of meetings with different clients and had showed me some of the progress he had made on Hustle & Grind:


When I left the meeting we both had another job, same boss as usual, ourselves.

Who Are We?

We’re a duo of entrepreneurs who have a passion (addiction) for good coffee (or at least our meetings suggest we do), great work and big dreams. We live and work in Nova Scotia (small place in Canada), but have worked with and continue to do work with brands from all around the country. We have worked in startups and agencies, have had our own clients, been employees and have had employees ourselves, but beyond that we are the same as you, we’re just some people with a dream and a mission to make them realities.

We Hustle

Long hours, code, graphics, coffee, marketing, MVP’s and repeat.

The hustle life is hard, few friends, less time – these are just a few of the things hustlers sacrifice for their dreams. Hustlers want to work now so we can ball later, hustlers want it on their own schedule and don’t care if it has double the time.

During the planning stages of Hustle & Grind, Ross had been working for clients, I had a part time job at a startup and was active as a full time student. We worked at night and when we could have been relaxing. We had meetings on weekends and refused to let things stop us from creating something that would benefit you and people like you.

We Grind

Hustlers work, hustlers test, hustlers study and read and learn new skills often just before they need them. This is a life of constant learning of maintaining motivation and searching for inspiration. That’s why we started Hustle & Grind.

We have made mistakes and worked through them. We’ve had goals and researched how to reach them. And we want to help you do the same. We want to make sure that hustlers around the world don’t make the same mistakes that we did. We want hustlers around the world to be inspired to achieve greatness. We want people to realize that if they’re willing to grind now, they can shine later.

Our Vision

Mantra - Hustle and Grind

We started Hustle & Grind Co. to delivers the fuel & tools that entrepreneurs need to be successful, these are the same tools we need ourselves. We aim to inspire and provide value to the millions of entrepreneurs, freelancers, creators, innovators, builders and dreamers who aspire to achieve greatness. We want to help play a role in creating a world where innovation and hustle are rewarded and being smart is considered cool.

Our vision is to build a community we call the #HustleTeam that is filled with entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs alike chasing their dreams. We want to move the needle as it relates to the number of people self-employed and creating their own work. At a time when job security is far from reliable, we want to help create a world more successful entrepreneurs.

We recognize that the struggle is hard. We recognize that the struggle is real.  And we believe that sometimes vitamins aren’t enough and only painkillers will do the trick.

Each Hustle & Grind subscription box contains a bag of our premium roast of coffee that will help you and your team keep going into the long hours of the night. Join the #HustleTeam today by signing up!

We Care About The Future Hustlers

At the end of every year, Hustle & Grind will conduct a survey amongst its members where they will have the opportunity to choose the charity or program of their choice in which Hustle & Grind will donate 10% of all profits. Whether you purchase a Hustle & Grind subscription or some of our hustle inspired products from the shop – 10% of the profits will go directly to help building future entrepreneurs and hustlers.

The programs we support are those that are helping arm the next generation with the skills they need to be successful. Whether it’s arming youth with the skills to code or arming youth with the resources they need to attend university, this commitment to future hustlers is our way of helping create an entrepreneurial ecosystem  and ensure that innovation fuels the future.

If you have a suggestion for the program that we should give back to, please email us:

Thank You

We have been supported by many people in this launch, our family and friends have been an amazing source of motivation while we have been on our grind. The folks who understood why we left early or came late because we were busy hustling, busy building!

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