The Heart of Kevin Hart: A Presence Of Inspiration & Hustle

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Kevin Hart is arguably the biggest comedian on the planet right now.

Actually, there’s no argument, Kevin Hart IS the biggest comedian on the planet right now.

Between 2015 and 2016, Hart has performed over 150 shows all over the world during his What Now? stadium tour. Including one show in his hometown of Philadelphia in front of an audience of over 53,000. In a football stadium. Quite the difference from starting at a small comedy club called the Laff House in the same city almost 20 years ago. 

While 150+ shows, each in front of tens of thousands of fans, would be more than enough for a year’s work for one person, Hart also had 4 movies released in 2014, two more released in 2015, one already released in 2016 (opening at number 1 in the box office), and two more on the way before the year is out.

With the acting, live performances, tireless promotion and travel involved in his everyday life it would be easy to forgive the man if he was too busy to maintain a regular workout schedule or keep any type of steady diet. Besides, physical fitness is not a necessity to be a successful comedian.

Despite this, Hart didn’t embrace the lethargic life of a comedian. In fact, Hart did a complete 180. He made fitness a core element of his daily routine and started to bring his fans and followers into the mix:

    And again…  

From those tweets alone, nearly 300 people joined to run with Kevin Hart through Boston. Fitness level wasn’t important and experience didn’t matter, it was about getting outside, moving and improving. From that one meetup, Hart started 5k runs in different cities where he was touring. It started with 300, it quickly grew into a phenomenon. Hart started the #HealthisWealth (850k posts) movement and soon after #MoveWithHart (7,600 posts)  was occurring in various cities in every country Hart was touring no matter where in the world:

He began inspiring fans of all ages:

The #MoveWithHart movement grew to be so popular, Hart even has even paired with Nike for his own shoe line, becoming the first ever comedian to ever do so.

Hart Shoes

So rarely is a man a contemporary of Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld while simultaneously being one with Lebron James and Steph Curry. Hart’s movement has transcended his stand-up and acting career.

It’s unprecedented for a comedian to make the leap he has from stand-up to trendsetter far above and beyond his comedy and movies. Other actors have done similar things including his Central Intelligence co-star Dwayne Johnson who is never shy of being charitable or inspirational but Hart’s movement is different. By no mean discounting all the incredible things the Rock has done, his career has mostly been built around his athletic ability in combination with his humor. For Hart, he has built his health empire taking the opposite path. He’s a comedian turned inspirational fitness icon. And when you combine his work, his work ethic and his fitness – something special happens.

Rather than seeing each of these traits  as separate entities, Hart combines them all to keep himself motivated and motivational to millions in the process. Hart has been able to leverage social media to tell his story while pushing others and it’s clear that he’s doing it with passion and heart.

Whether it’s pushing himself to achieve greatness with an insane trianing routine:

There’s no question what Kevin Hart represents…

What I am is driven.

No argument here.


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