Four Things That Every Productive Home Office Should Have

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Purpose Art On Desk

A growing number of people across North America are working from home. Whether these folks are entrepreneurs running small consulting services, or telecommuting for multinational firms, studies found that more than 30 million of Americans are working from home each week. This number has grown, year over year for the last few decades and is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

Working from home certainly has its perks – the office space is free, you can make it your own and the commute is short. Yet, the wrong set up for a home office can be a one way street to distraction and constant drops in productivity.

I’ve worked from home over the last three years and have been able to build a successful business from my own home office. Over this time, I’ve been able to gain a better grasp on exactly what it takes to optimize productivity while working from home and what I could never work without. Here are six things that I wish I had in my home office when I first started out:

Inspirational Art & Decor

On my wall I have three pieces of art from Joey Roth: (1) Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler (2) Inspiration, Discipline, Risk, Humility and (3) Grind/Dream. You can check them out on his site here. I fell in love with these posters as soon as I saw them and had them framed before I bought a desk. It didn’t matter what else was in my office – I needed these three posters to grace my wall.

Since that purchase, I’ve enhanced my art collection with the Hustle & Grind purpose poster, and our Greatness Only Comes Before Hustle In The Dictionary artwork. Both of these items are important to me for different reasons. The Purpose poster means a lot to me because it was our first viral hit. We’ve got lots more in store but it was the first one to be spread and shared thousands of times online. The Dictionary art means a lot to me because it was the first piece I had commissioned and was done by one of my favourite artists; Mateusz Witczak.

Inspirational art is a great way to stay aware of what’s pushing you day in and day out. The right message and right art can act as a personal cheerleader to help you get through the hard times. Whether it’s a reminder that to live the dream you need to grind, or simply a reminder that shows you what your purpose looks like – inspiration can take many shapes and forms.

Books For Reference

Anyone who has been to my office can attest that I’m a book junkie. My amazon credit card can also confirm it as I’ve come to the conclusion that books are my kryptonite. At any random day throughout the week, you will find my Amazon cart filled with about 8-9 books that I’ve come across and have become interested in over the course of 7 days.

Books are amazing. Studies have shown time and time again that reading books leads to more wealth and a higher IQ. Too many people stop reading after University or College thinking that they did all they needed in those earlier years to be successful. In reality, it’s the knowledge we gain after school and on our own terms that truly differentiates the best from the rest. Ryan Holiday wrote a great piece on how to keep a great library – I strongly recommend checking it out.

A Coffee Press or Machine


Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are beneficial to your health. If you’re on the hustle, it’s important that you’re always on your A-Game or at least doing your very best to optimize productivity even when exhausted. Coffee is one of those hacks that can help you feel less tired and increase your energy levels.

Looking for a great coffee? The Hustle Blend is exactly what you need.

Well Stocked Mini-Fridge

I stock my fridge with fruits and berries on a weekly basis. I have zero research to support this idea but whenever I eat a pear, I feel more alert and awake. It’s a quick and easy hack that helps me stay on my game and whether or not it’s all mental or not – it works for me.

My mini fridge is also filled with a couple adult beverages for late night grinds that require a bit of extra creativity. On top of that, you’ll find that directly next to my fridge is a case filled with protein bars. I’ve had a protein and energy bar stash for the past few years as they can offer everything you need when timelines are tight and deadlines are creeping up with no time to cook.

Did we miss anything? What’s in your home office that you couldn’t live without?

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Every home office needs a door. It sounds silly but treating that workspace as work can be doubly productive if you can physically cut yourself off from the rest of your residence, especially critical for anyone who has kids.


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