10 Awesome Inspirational Mugs That Any Office Will Appreciate

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Do you have an inspirational mug that makes your day every morning?

Maybe a mug that makes people laugh or motivates you to keep hustling?

A coffee mug that inspires can act as a flag for any employee, hustler or entrepreneur.

I start my day with coffee, yes, I have read the research that says water is better in the morning but for me I have a ritual! I wake up and need to hear that water heating up, I need to grind the beans and smell that amazing smell that for me means the day has started. Now must people put something in their coffee, they take it with cream or sugar, I take mine with motivation (and a little bit of L-Theanine)!

I love mugs that make me smile, smirk, or feel excited because they say something inspirational on them. I can be fairly cynical but the one thing that I know works is letting something inspire you, it could be a poster, shirt, mug or even an image shared by a friend, the thing that makes it work is that you let it work.

So in no particular order, here are 10 mugs that get my ass in gear:

Get Shit DONE


One of the first mugs I saw when I first got into entrepreneurship and tech. This is one of those mugs that hit me right where I live, it is a simple statement, one that most of the people in startup live by. Get shit done.

Greatness Only Comes Before Hustle In the Dictionary



I am totally not being bias when I say this is one the finest mugs on the list. Alright so this is one of ours and it happens to be one of the favorites for most people. This design is a central one to Hustle and Grind, from day 1 we have had some variant of this image kicking around. Reminding us that it is not enough to talk, it is not enough to want, if you are striving for greatness you need to hustle for it.

Ron Swanson


Some mornings I just need to laugh, we all have them; waking up just a bit grumpy and knowing that our mood will be off if we don’t fix it. I tend to reach for something that will make me laugh and if any single funny man gets me it is Nick Offerman in his role as Ron Swanson. Goes perfectly with a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Pixel Heart Mug


This is one of those mugs that speaks to me as a nerd that grew up jamming on Nintendo systems, collecting pieces of heart to power up Link to beat Ganondorf. This feeling sticks with me as I power up each morning to take on my work for the day, taking down my objectives like mini bosses.

Work Fucking HARDER


Everyone that knows me knows one thing about me.

I swear a lot.

I have never been one to mince words or to watch my mouth and it has always worked out for me because I don’t bullshit people. I like a little fowl-mouthed reminder that what I am here to do is work fucking harder than the other people out there. They might be smarter than me, they might have more skills than me right now but ain’t no way they are working harder than me!

Bru-Tang Clan: CREAM!


If you walk into either home office that HG is run from you have a very good chance of hearing the Wu; and a very high chance that you will see us drinking our Bru. This mug came up early in starting the company after Ross and I had met Ghostface while at a conference here in Halifax.

Both of us are pretty big on puns but Bru-Tang came pretty quick out of our mouths and from there we knew what we had to do.

You May Speak Now


Waking up early doesn’t make me a morning person. It makes me a coffee person. (Tweet This)

As Ross (and anyone that I have worked with) will tell you I am not a morning person and never have been. If I need to work 17 hour days I will but if you need them to be before 9:00 am then I will need you to wail until the first cup is in me.

Create What You Wish Existed


This is the first mug I ever ordered from our own stock. I like to have a reminder most mornings of why I work for myself, I do this because I want to create what I wish existed in the world. I think other people would enjoy the products and services that are in my head and I have to do everything I can to create them!

JavaScript Coffee Mug



This one is for the nerds out there, If you are a programmer or developer then you understand that coffee is actually the base technology that the internet runs on. While you are sleepy, you are gonna need to fillCup();

Death Before Decaf

Death Before Decaf Mug

Our Death Before Decaf mug is currently only available to those that subscribe to the HG box. The message is simple, no substitutes, not in your coffee, your business, or your life! Every subscriber gets our DBD mug, every cup you drink from it will be a reminder of your drive for greatness and a message to those around you. We have had a few requests to sell this mug on it’s own and are considering doing a limited run so keep an eye on our shop.


By Harald Hoyer from Schwerin, Germany (Coffee Beans  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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