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May 20, 2018

Embrace the truth. You always have a feeling that you are lacking time.

Frankly speaking, we all wish we had more time. Indeed, every once in a while it seems like time literally flies and you end up wondering where it all has gone.

It is especially the case when you work on your project and have a long list of duties and tasks. Before it is time to go to bed you would like to get some work done in order not to consider the day worthless and unproductive.

Unfortunately, you cannot stretch the time. There are just 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Nevertheless, the good thing is that you can maximize the output from every hour invested in your work. There is a way to have an extremely productive and efficient workflow that will result in huge wins and great satisfaction from your work.

Here are 3 easy tips to help you maximize your time:

1. Minimize Your Time Online

Internet entertainments and productive work are incompatible! You can spend hours meaninglessly surfing on the web. Funny videos on Youtube, pointless discussions on Reddit and the endless supply of spam at you email inbox… This is what constantly consumes your time.

First and foremost, shut down all the social media sites. Use social media blockers to eliminate distractions. Minimize your time online. Ideally, restrict an access to the internet if it is not critical for your work, in order to avoid the next temptation to check your Facebook timeline.

Online world. This is what distracts you from the things you are to do. Make sure you do not allow social media to mess up your day and undermine your productivity.

2. Batch Similar Tasks Together

Before you start your working day, take a minute to check your to-do list. Does it look well arranged? Or is it still a list of tasks in no particular order?

The simple secret of organizing the list of tasks was long ago employed by the most successful entrepreneurs and project managers. This is important for you to hear. It will change the way you approach the scheduling of your day.

Order of tasks does matter: Your to-do list should not be a backlog of tasks. It should be your well-organized blueprint for the upcoming day.

Take a look at your list of tasks for a day. Identify similar ones and consolidate them. Reorder the tasks and create blocks that consist of resembling activities.

This easy step will provide you with much smoother workflow and allow you not to lose concentration when switching to the next task.

3. Concentrate On What You Are Good At

Identify your unique skills. Only they are able to generate the greatest return on your energy and time investment. Match your exceptional knowledge with the tasks you can manage the best. The remainder should be delegated.

Embrace the truth. When you do things you suck at, you can produce neither time-efficient nor qualitative results. Therefore, weed out the tasks that do not match your strongest skills. Then consider who could undertake those tasks the best and would love to complete them for you.

Let the tasks you enjoy doing stay on your list. The involvement in the activities you like to do will not only make you enjoy the process, it will also minimize the time of procrastination.

This simple technique will allow you to maximize the efficiency of the time you spend doing your work. Follow easy steps and your productivity will improve significantly.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort — Paul J. Meyer

Productivity is a skill. Make sure you dedicate enough time to improve it too.

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