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January 07, 2018

 Success is only the result of a strong will and self-discipline. When you have the habit of being self-indulgent and procrastinating, becoming disciplined can get be a tough task. Gaining a new habit can be really hard and maintaining it even harder. But don’t worry, the first and most important step was done when you accepted that you need some adjustments in your life. Now, how can you start being disciplined and responsible? I have some answers for you: 

1. Start healthy habits

Self-discipline is the path that will take you to the completion of your personal goals and setting habits are the first step of this journey. Once you commit yourself to do certain activities every day, without excuses, you will start to learn how to avoid distractions and focus on little daily goals like keeping your habits on.

The secret to making a shift between your current life and a life of discipline is making little changes: starting small and healthy habits like always eating on time, sleeping 8 hours a day or drinking enough water every day will help you strengthen your will so when you move onto bigger tasks, you won’t fail after the first week. The smartest way is to start little by little, with small activities that won’t be difficult to do on a daily basis and then adding more small habits to the lists.

By trying to keep on certain daily activities you will understand more about yourself: when you start trying to find excuses to avoid doing something, it’s time to pay attention and see what could be the possible trigger that provoked that. Sometimes we can be our worst enemy so getting to know yourself will help you see your flaws so you can work around them.

2. Avoid procrastination

Procrastinating is a luxury you can’t afford if you want to improve and empower your life. The key to avoiding it is to identify what are the things that would or could possibly distract you or represent a temptation that will prevent you from doing more important tasks. Internet and Social Media are always demanding for your attention so it is always necessary to avoid them altogether, when possible, while you are busy with more important stuff.

Once you identify the distracting elements in your life, the next step is to neutralize them whenever you’re attempting to do an important job or any other activity that requires your full attention. If you don’t avoid having the internet and your phone on, you will be distracted by notifications and messages that won’t let you focus or concentrate on what you’re doing. See your time as something precious and valuable that has to be cherished, don’t waste it on simple and meaningless things that waste your time. Remember that time is not a renewable resource.

3. Be realistic

You have to push yourself to be better all the time and to overcome whatever is troubling you, but always keeping in mind that setting unrealistic goals can result in not accomplishing them and feeling disappointed in yourself. Setting realistic goals will help you achieve more and feel good about yourself, it’s better to start with little challenges that are doable before setting your mind into things that will most likely not happen.

Find some time to get to know yourself and understand what your limits are. Embrace those limits and try to push them step by step, one day at a time and the results will be a lot better.

4. Keep track of your activities

Life can get a little complicated with all the various things that come up every day demanding your attention. Sometimes trusting your mind to remember all the tasks and activities you need to get done is not the best idea as things can easily slip from your memory. The best way to battle this is to write it all down.

From simple agendas to creative and beautiful bullet journals, there is a wide spectrum of personal journals you can use to keep track of all the things you’ve done and need to do. Updating your agenda regularly is also a small and very healthy habit that will contribute to achieving your goal of being more self-disciplined.

5. Be compassionate with yourself

If you have never been the type of person able to keep a habit or a routine for too long but you are now willing to change and become a self-disciplined adult, then you need to have a clear mind and accept things as they come. You need to embrace the fact that self-discipline is a major quality that takes a long time and a lot of hard work to build, it won’t come to you just by trying for a few weeks. Letting this realization sink into your inner mind will help you understand all the times you might stumble or make mistakes.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and accept from the very beginning that there will be times when you might skip your daily habits or moments when you get distracted and procrastinate. This is all completely normal and it will never mean that you have failed, it just means that you have to try harder next time and learn from this mistake.


Now you have an idea of how to embrace this new task of becoming disciplined so start doing it today, don’t wait until the right time comes because that will never happen, you need to leave those old excuses behind. The right time will always be today and now. Start making the necessary changes on your way to a successful and meaningful life, you and everyone around you will see the benefits.

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