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January 23, 2018


Real work happens in silence.

The reason why so many people are unproductive is that they attempt to do their most difficult tasks in the middle of the day. They try to dive into deep thought while surrounded by co-workers, or after a full day at the office, or at the end of the day when their energy levels are completely maxed out. Some people are night owls and work well this way, but the reality is most people aren’t. So what do you do if you’re not a night owl?

Here are 5 reasons to get on your grind and wake up an hour earlier:

1) You Can Hear Yourself Think

This is such an underrated part of the creative process—and even if you aren’t doing something “creative,” it’s essential to solving strategic, business problems. If your head is cluttered with “I have to go the grocery store later, oh and I have that report to finish by Thursday, I wonder why she texted me that, man I haven’t been to the gym in a while,” etc., then it becomes very difficult to hear yourself think.

When you’re solving a problem or working on something that requires your full focus, you need complete and total silence. As some of the greatest entrepreneurs have said,

In a world full of distractions, focus becomes your most valuable asset.

Create an environment that allows for your full focus.

2) You Have No Distractions


Who is going to text you at 5 AM? Or even at 6 AM?

No one.

Not your boss, your girlfriend, your best friend, your mom—nobody. Why?

Because everyone else is sleeping. They are content with their day to day and for them that’s great. For you, it’s not. You have goals. Big goals. Which means you need to give up that extra hour of sleep that others aren’t willing to sacrifice.

The benefit, however, is that you will have the entire morning to yourself. Nobody texting you to come out. Nobody reminding you of all the other things you have to get done today. Just you, the sunrise, and a cup of coffee (or four).

3) You Will Get Your Most Difficult Task Done First

The benefit of working early in the morning is the fact that by the time the rest of your day “starts,” you will already have made a dent in your most difficult task.

Whether you’re writing a book, formulating a business plan, reworking t-shirt designs or building your website, you will feel much more accomplished knowing you made real progress towards your goals before the day has really even begun. By the time you show up to your day job and take a seat in the office, you will feel way ahead of the game and be inspired to tackle the day.

4) You Will Be Much More Energized

Wake Up

There is something wildly inspiring about waking up with the sun.

Sure, it’s tough—and even harder to get out of your nice warm bed, into the shower, and straight to your desk. But once you get there and take that first sip of coffee, you will feel wide awake. But the real benefit won’t hit you until hours later when you realize that you’ve set yourself up for success for the rest of the day.

You will look around at everyone else dragging themselves in the morning trying to find their flow, and you’ve already found it. Waking up early fills you with a sense of purpose because you are choosing to make that tough decision. And every time you do that, morning after morning after morning, you feel more and more in touch with your mission and what it is you want to accomplish.

5) You Can Wind Down At The End Of The Day

Instead of leaving work knowing how much more work you still have to get done, wouldn’t you rather take the rest of the day to relax, read, meet with people that inspire you, and gather yourself for the next day? Unless you are a night owl and require the midnight to get anything done, it’s much easier to fall asleep and get a solid rest if you can start winding down near the end of the day.

If the thought of waking up early seems daunting or painful, remember it’s because you are used to your schedule as it is right now. But adjust accordingly, go to bed early and start waking up early and within a week or two, you will be in the swing of things.

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