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February 02, 2018

Happy vivacious woman celebrating the snow

Life is about the people we meet and the experiences we share with one another. It’s about creating, sharing, living and being connected to one another as we all try and get through this crazy thing called life. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and easy to forget about the great people and things around you.

I remember reading an article by Jessica Bruder on The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship last year and being struck by this image:

Lion - Entrepreneurship INC.com

It’s so true.

Lots of people think entrepreneurship is sunshine and rainbows but it’s far from that. It’s a constant struggle and an internal battle that you often have to fight with the person you see when you look in the mirror. It’s you vs. you to determine how you’ll spend your time and where you’ll focus your efforts. It’s up to you to determine where you’ll take your troops and how you’ll navigate the terrain.

It’s a lot of pressure. But it doesn’t have to be as brutal as it sounds. It can be better. The stress can be managed and you can live an awesome life as an entrepreneur. I know this because I’ve done it. I’ve seen and chatted with entrepreneurs around the world who have done it. I’m not going to suggest it’s easy to do but I know there are a handful of little things that can help.

Here are forty little things you can do this week that will help you live a better life:

  1. Get up earlier than 6:30 AM Monday through Friday.
  2. Start each day by saying one thing you’re grateful for.
  3. Drink a glass of cold water as soon as you get up.
  4. Start your week by planning your week.
  5. Do a physical activity 3x this week.
  6. Go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been.
  7. Write in a journal.
  8. Don’t watch TV for an entire week.
  9. Read a book instead of watching TV.
  10. Share your passion with others.
  11. Find a vision for your life. Write it down.
  12. Say sorry when you’re in the wrong.
  13. Call a friend you’ve lost touch with.
  14. Buy an inspirational poster and hang it on your wall.
  15. Cut out candy & processed food.
  16. Write thank you emails to those who have helped you most.
  17. Bring treats to the office.
  18. Write more than “Happy Birthday” on someone's Facebook wall.
  19. Brainstorm 5 business ideas. Write them down.
  20. Pay it forward.
  21. Tip 2x more than you usually would.
  22. Practice a new skill. Something simple but valuable.
  23. Visit the library and get lost in a book.
  24. Unplug for 24 hours.
  25. Read one of these great books.
  26. Meditate. Pray. Do Yoga. Do Nothing. Whatever floats your boat – Just chill.
  27. Say hello to a stranger.
  28. Go above and beyond for a client or customer.
  29. Read an article and tell the author how much you enjoyed their work. Don’t just say: “Great post”
  30. Stop settling for a second rate version of the life you want.
  31. Donate your time with a charity.
  32. Email one of your heroes asking for coffee or a Skype call.
  33. Invest in yourself.
  34. Write a blog post on lessons you’ve learned over time.
  35. Read about the future.
  36. Dream about the future.
  37. Tell your closest friends how much you appreciate them.
  38. Tell your closest colleagues how much you appreciate them.
  39. Speak less. Listen more.
  40. Hustle harder.

So there you have it! Forty simple ways to improve your life and take a few steps towards living the good life. Are you still unsure how you can stay motivated and reach your dreams? Join the Hustle Team – We send exclusive content that will help you do exactly that along with a monthly supply of coffee!

Is there anything you do on a regular basis that you think would help others live a better life? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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