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March 16, 2018

Everyone makes excuses and there are always the very standard ones, the ones you have all heard, I don’t have time is probably the most common. We all actually have probably used this one before but sometimes we say it differently, some say that they are a student and don’t have the time. At the end of the day they are our personal spin on the same reason, and for me the I am a student excuse is why for a long time I stayed working for other people, I told myself that I didn’t have time as a student to create something.

This was pretty fucking wrong.

A Lesson I Forgot

I work throughout my life and I think I learned this when I was a kid and my dad got me to work for his company answering the phones on Saturday when my mom went to work. I would sit on the couch watching Cartoons/doing homework and run to the phone when it rang, take appointments, and let people know when they could come to pick up pellets (we sold pellets and pellet stoves) as I got older I even started selling product to customers and later moved my bedroom to the basement where our showroom and desk was so that I could get customers easier on the weekend. Work just simply happened, you could be in the middle of a show or a math problem and you would hear a knock or the phone and start working then go right back to life until the next time. At somepoint, I forgot that and realize now it was the best skill I ever learned.

Working on H&G

When I started at H&G I already had part-time work at a startup that I had been with for years, and I was (still am) afull time IT student with an active social life and I try and hit the gym 3 times a week. A lot of people think I am a crazy person for allthis but I never actually knew life wasdifferent for anyone else, this is all I know. I am not saying it is not stressful, infact, it can be very stressful but from what I can tell so is the way most people live working 9-5 straight and not even loving what they do and that’s the thing; I love all my work and being in school.

Be Flexible

Part of working at any time means you have to sometimes move things around and be more flexible, if I have to keep working I will move a workout to later, call my friends to tell them I will be late or in some cases do a bit of work while I am already there. I have taken skype calls in the kitchen of friends because it meant I didn’t need to drive home and could keep hanging out after. The only thing I can’t move is class and in many instances, I end up having to skip and work harder to recover but Iplace that as my last option.

Know the Worth

I value my time and so I pick and choose what I dobased on the worth. I know what I need to do to remain sane, get decent grades and keep all my projects going and that means that those sitting at the top. Everything else other than my family comesafter those 3 things, I will skip the gym, parties, movies, sleeping at a decent hour, everything andanything, if I have little time and need to work on something worth more to me.

By working through life, being flexible and remembering to consider what is worth of an activity, I am able to keep everything in the air, to progress and build something that I care about, that I own all while living my life.

So, what’s your excuse?


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