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June 05, 2018

Weekly Time For Work and Hustle

What do the most productive people know that you don’t?

How is it that you seem to run out of time while your co-workers, or peers seem to outwork you each week? The truth is that we all have the same amount of time in a week.

Lots of experts will point to one thing.

What is it? Get this:

It’s time management.

Unfortunately, that’s a load of crock. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you why.

It’s a load of crock because time management doesn’t exist. Time is a constant. We can’t control it.

As you read these words, time is going by….

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

But here’s the thing.

While time cannot be managed, your actions and habits can be. You can take control over your own schedule and determine what you do between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep.

It’s what we do with the hours we’re awake that differentiate the productive ones from the slackers.

From the guy in the mail room to the woman in the boardroom, we are all equal when it comes to hours in a day. What sets them apart is how they spend that time.

Do they choose to devote it all to relaxation or do they spend some of it being more productive?

Keep reading and I’ll give you our top 6 tips to getting more things done during your time awake and help you in increasing your productivity:

They Have A Morning Routine

I am not a morning person so for me developing a morning routine and making it a habit forces me out of bed and gets me going. Morning routines allow you to start your day with a little bit of your time, this might be coffee and a book, it might be like mine with meditation and talking to my cat, but one thing it shouldn’t be is centered on your work!

Yes in a list of how to be productive I am telling you that it isn’t all about work!

You want to make sure that you set some of your days aside for you and the morning is a fantastic way to do that, you want to sit down at your desk in a fantastic mood and nothing is going to do that like taking some solid your time!

You earned it.

They Tackle The Hard Things First

You have probably read this hundreds of times, the reason you keep reading it is that it is effective! There is no special secret to getting things done other than getting to work and the best way to do that is to take one of your hardest tasks and finish it within the first few hours of the workday. You will find as soon as you finish this that you will feel a weight lift off your shoulders, you will feel like you can take on anything because you already did the hardest thing you had to do.

They Finish Their Day By Planning Tomorrow

This is the single best thing I have picked up from Ross and I think you will benefit from it as well. At the end of each day, you want to take out a notebook or open a text editor and just make quick notes about what you need to get done tomorrow. Make a small list of 5-8 items that you want to accomplish and then organize them in a way that you know will be conducive to your workday. This is not only a great way to be productive the next day but is also a great way to review what you have accomplished and what you need to accomplish, it is a fantastic way to wind down at the end of the day by dumping all those must-do tasks out of your head.

They Limit Their Email Time To Small Batches

Email is fantastic but it can really be a time bandit.

You are working away in the zone on a blog post and then you hear it, a notification from your phone letting you know that you have gotten an email.

Just like a kid who just got a package in the mail you want to look at it, don’t lie, you instantly wonder what you have gotten in your inbox and you flip over to read the email without realizing that your mind now has to flip from one task to another. After listening to an interview with Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss, I changed the way I approach emails and think you should too.

Neil only allows himself to check his email for one hour a day, going so far as to have given his wife the password to access it. By doing this he is able to keep his mind focused on the task at hand and when you have written seven best sellers you know something about staying focused!

They Have A Schedule And Stick To It

Part of being an Entrepreneur is that you set your own schedule if you want to take a nap at 2 that is your prerogative and no one can tell you otherwise. That being said with total freedom comes many many traps that can take your productivity from amazing to 0. The first experiment in scheduling for me was to try out “The Founders Schedule” from Sean Byrnes.


This schedule is divided into making, meeting, planning, and research and even sets blocks of time for you to take breaks and relax. I ran this for about 2 weeks and while I enjoyed it I find I want to work a bit differently, you may end up wanting to make modifications as well.

Try making a schedule for yourself and sticking to it, you may need to make changes or skip things that you had planned on occasion but forcing yourself to stick to a schedule can really increase how much work you get done during the day.

They Work Out!

If it works for LMFAO it should work for you, right?

Work Out LMFAO Gif

Working out has major benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved memory and judgment
  • Improved mood

All of these are factors in the work that you put out, a more relaxed, happy and enhanced you can accomplish more! Now I am not telling you that you need to be in the gym constantly research has shown that the benefits can be attained through moderate exercise, as little as 30 – 60 min a day can massively impact your life!

“Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.” – Dr. Michael Otto


You need to start building healthy habits, from taking on the hard work first to planning your day in the office to taking care of yourself and having some me time out of the office. These six steps can have a huge impact on your life and your productivity.

So start today, even if you are just planning your next day, or if you put on your running shoes and take a walk, you are making a choice to be more productive, to get more done, and to live a better more fulfilling life!


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